Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me...

Happy Birthday To Me,
Happy Birthday To Me,
Happy Birthday To Meeeeee,
Happy Birthday To Me!

In case you didn't notice, it's my birthday today! I am 33 years young but after my birthday celebrations yesterday I feel about 19! were expecting me to say I felt about 50 weren't you?? No sir, not me. Yes I indulged in a few birthday beveridges yesterday but I don't do hangovers!

As I was 33 and that's not a "special" age I only had a small party with about 2800 people there this year. Saying that 32 is not a "special" age either and I had about 40k at that party...but there comes a time when you need to start downsizing your birthday celebrations!

Yes you've guessed it....this years birthday was celebrated with my fellow Jambos just like last years! Last year I was at Hampden for the Scottish Cup semi final against the Hibs. In case you have forgetten we beat them 4-0 and went on to win it.

This year I took a look at the fixture list and saw we had the Hibs again only this time in the league at Fester Road. I haven't been to Fester Road in about 8 years (partly as a matter of principal cause they are robbing barstewards) but I made an exception yesterday. £125 for 5 tickets (see robbing barstewards £25 for a 6 year old!!) but the old birthday/having the Hobos again was just an omen and I felt we had to be there.

Hibs had planned a party at full time. They were planning on parading their small cup. Hearts haven't won at Fester Road in 4 and half years. They were on a high. We were on a downer after our last league result. The scene couldn't have been better set for a high volume, emotional derby.

The Hearts fans were in full voice from the off and we were all feeling happy enough at 0-0 when half time came. The second half began with the Jambos again in full voice. Then 81 minutes...a feck up by the Hibs keeper and Zaliukkkkaaaaaasssss!!! Goal!!!! That was that. The Hearts end went mental! The other 3 sides of Fester Road in complete silence! It was party central after that with the Jambo lads and lassies singing themsleves hoarse! Despite the Ref's best efforts to help them all day Hibs just couldn't do it. The whistle went and the Hibs party was officially in ruins!

The Jambos sung and danced while the Hibs fans looked on in disgust! The look on their faces was just brilliant! The whole Hearts song book was ringing out as the Jambo's stayed in the ground determined to party themselves. Chants of "big team, big cup, wee team, wee cup" rung out along with a rousing rendition of "bring on the wee cup". The Hibs fans tried once or twice to sing back but where met by the Jambos fans laughing and clapping them. They were so bloody silent that at one point a chant of "will we sing a song for you" was resounding round Fester Road!

Hibs refused to bring out their wee cup until we were all gone but it was a good 25 minutes after the final whistle before the police and stewards started moving us on...some managed to stay in the ground singing at the top of their voices for 40 minutes! All the while the die hard Hibby's were standing about waiting for us to leave so they could start their party...the others were long gone!

So another Hobo beatin' birthday celebration for me and another great day out with my fellow Jambos! It was the first time my kids and my niece have been with us to a Hibs game, let alone Fester Road and to top it all off they were on the tv! It is 4 and a half years since Hearts got a win at Fester Road...I just knew yesterday would be the day we came good!

"The hearts have ruined yer party, the Hearts have ruined yer party, the Hearts have ruined yer party, you's should have stayed in yer beds"

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

Happy Birthday to You....!!!!!

Have diarised the date, so I won't forget next year...

Wreckless said...

Happy Birthday sweet thing, I am so happy your team won. Hope you live to see them win another 500 times at least...


Wreckless said...

So thats what happens... you turn 33 and forget you have a blogg to update....