Monday, May 14, 2007

Here's Hoping...

Like all right minded people I am hoping that little Madeline McCann, the little girl abducted in Portugal whilst on holiday, is returned to her parents safe and sound.

Right now her parents are living through all our worst nightmares. As a parent myself I can only imagine how they must be feeling. I've felt that heart-missing-a-beat feeling you get when you turn round and your toddler has vanished from sight...the flips in the stomach as you search for them. God only knows what that feeling must be like when you realise your toddler has been taken from you.

It must be even harder when you are in a country where you don't speak the lanuguage and where the police and authorities work in a way you are unfamiliar with. That wait for news, the feeling of uselessness you must have. My heart goes out to them. As I type this the Portugese police are searching a villa near to the complex where the family were staying.

Along with hoping that Maddie is returned safe I also hope that the circumstances which led to this horrible situation act as a lesson to all other parents. You just cannot leave your children alone in any type of accomodation, in any country, in any circumstances...even of you are only 400 yards away and go back to check every 30 minutes. Something Maddie's poor parents are sadly realising all too late.

Jenny xx

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fancy Dress....

So my Wee Sis is 30 on the 1st June. She's having a party and has decided to go with fancy dress.

After much consideration I've sorted my outfit. I'm going as an 80's chick.

I've bought myself a t-shirt with Frankie Says Relax on it, very similar to the one I owned way back when! I've got my fluorescent beads, lace trimmed leggings, my tutu skirt and my black lace fingerless gloves. Today I bought a few extra accessories...some dodgy pink plasic hoop earrings, lumious pink legwarmers and a jelly bag...

Jelly bags? They are a real blast for the past. The most pointless bags in the whole world ever. Plastic with a mesh design they were all the rage back when I was in primary 6...I had a blue one as a schoolbag. You'd leave for school with a pile of pencils in the bag and get there and have none left because they'd fall out the bloody thing! And they were hardly made for Scottish weather...anything in them got soaked when it actually had to put all your stuff in a plastic bag and then put that inside the jelly bag!! Superb!!

Anyway I'm all set. All I need now is 3 cans of hairspray to make my big 80's hair on the night and a plentiful supply of eyeliner and blusher and I'm done.

I'll be sure to get a few photos and stick them on...there's a surfer dude, a vicar, a cowgirl, a few hippies, some t-birds, a tart, a saloon girl, a few pirates, some 50's rock and roller's, 2 blues brothers and various other characters due to go so it should prove intresting!!

Jenny xx

Last Thursday...

Ross and I went out for dinner. It was a last minute decision and due to it being a nice night I suggested we hit a local pub which did grub and had a beer garden so we could sit out enjoy the evening sunshine.

However a quick glance in the bank for the both of us and we decided to upgrade to a meal in town and so we headed of to a restaurant which does chinese buffet. We filled our faces, talked non-stop, giggled like school kids, discussed the people around us (including the obviously gay Homie who seemed to have a severe case of unrequited love on his obviously straight mate) and generally whiled away a good few hours having fun.

There's nothing like having a male pal who you can be yourself with, chill with and who will join in when you sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight in car parks!

Jenny xx

Ooh I've Got Me Something New...

I've been off here for a while. Part of the reason for this is that I've been indulging in an online game of Mafia: The Rivals on JKB which has been taking up loads of my time.

The second reason is because I've bought myself a new laptop and I have just remembered that I hate the keyboards on them because they are laid out differently to the standard desktop kind and I couldnae be arsed typing too much on it until I get used to it!

I'm gonna be having a wee practice over the next wee while so I may well be back later to fill you all in on my activities of late.

Jenny xx