Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas One And All...

From my family to yours, whoever you are and wherever you are...

Have a lovely Christmas. I hope Santa is good to you all and that all your Christmas wishes come true.

Jenny xx

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why Can't They Just Be Women??

I was watchng the news earlier. They had a live press conference on that the police had called in relation to the suspects they are holding over the murders of 5 women in the Ipswich area. They were basically saying that one of the suspects has been realsed on bail pending further enquiries and the second has been charged with their murders.

It's been quite a news item in the last week or so. Headline news and all over the even made the headlines whilst we were in Minneapolis "Britian has a serial killer on the loose" said the reporter in the States...along with the usual sensationalism.

What bugs me is that in every mention of these women's murders there is a need to tell us all over and over again that they were prostitutes. Why is that I wonder? If these woman had been of a different occupation would be repeatedly be told what it was? Perhaps but then again perhaps not...

Let's look past the fact that these women were prostitutes and remember that they were also someone's daughters or someones girlfriends or someones grandchild or someones sisters. Theres a human side to this story that is far more important than the fact these women sold sex. I hope the police have got their man...and hope he's put away for a long time..not for killing prostitutes but for killing women.

Jenny xx

Christmas Jeers....

Bah Humbug and all that.

This is the other side of Christmas (I hate typing the word Christmas cause I type that fast it always comes out as Chrostmas...bugger whoever put the "O" next to the "I" on a keyboard!).

The shops are bloody heaving. Spaces are like gold dust. Queues are massive and we're paying full price for shit that will be reduced by 50% in 4 days time.

Every time I think I've sent my final card another one drops through the door from someone I've forgotten. Bloody cards...30-odd for his classmates, 30-odd for her classmates, special one's for Mums, Dads, Boyfriends, Grannies, Sons, Daughters, the ones for the neighbours, one's to old friends now far away, one's to the rest of the family, one's to work mates and one's to people you met on holiday once and have never seen again. What a bloody hassle. I'm sending cards to people I never see from one years end to the other and to people I don't even like much!

Then there's wrapping...sellotape sticking in the wrong places, paper that you measure by eye and find is too bloody small to go round whatever it is you want to wrap.

As for food?? Why do we still insist on shopping like there's a fecking siege coming? Buying up tubes upon tubes of pringles and tubs upon tubs of dips because your Auntie might pop round unannounced and you need to have nibbles in? Any other time she'd settle for a biscuit with her tea!

It's all nonsense...all of it.

Bah fecking humbug.

Jenny xx

Christmas Cheers....

Hurrah for Christmas! It is now 17.30 hours on 21st December and I have offically finished all my shopping!

The kids and I went out tonight and got a few extra bits and pieces for Better Half and in doing so concluded the 2006 Christmas shop! Nae luck to those of you who will be battling it out for car parking spaces in shopping centres or for the last remaining bag of sprouts over the next few days!!

Tomorrow morning I'll be getting tooled up with sellotape (real stuff cause the cheap stuff is worse than hopeless!!), scissors and gift wrap and finishing the wee bit wrapping I have to do...the kids break up at 12 noon...then it's tacky Christmas films and a feeling of general excitement and anticipation for the next 2 and half days!!

It's dinner at ours this year. This is our first in-the-house dinner for 2 years. Mum, Sis and her troops are all coming to stay on Christmas Eve like last year so all 8 of us can open our pressies'll be choatic, noisy and messy but damn it that's what it's all about! What better day to let the kids off the lead a bit?? Or for that matter your Mother?? Mine's tends to get as excited as the kids on Christmas morning!

So roll on Sunday night cause I'm ready to go!

Jenny xx

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kisses To The Sky...

It's my Dad's birthday today. He'd have been 59.

A big kiss up to the sky for him to catch today.

Jenny xx

Tattoo Or Not Tattoo....

Better Half wants a tattoo from Santa. Easy enough for me then. All I need to do is hand over the money to pay for it! This will be tattoo number 9 for least I think it's 9! He likes a tattoo does Better Half. My favourite to date is his latest one which he's had for about 9 months or so. It's on the inside of his wrist and is a nice simple design which reads Jenny in a lovely font!!

This time round he's after a tattoo of the number 13. 13 is a number Better Half likes...his birthday is on the 13th and he see's it as a lucky number for him. We've spent the last few days debating as to where he should put his new art work.

It's also got me thinking as well. I have 3 tattoos. All quite small and in places where they ain't too obvious! I quite like tattoos but I'm not a fan of women having huge ones or putting them in the wrong places...I hate it when you see a girl with a massive one on her forearm for example. Mine's are visible if I want to show you them and that's how I like it.

Like most people with a tattoo I have become a bit bored with my first one. I got it on a whim. I was on the bus with my Sister one day and we went past the tattoo shop and suddenly said "let's get a tattoo"...30 minutes later it was done! It's alright...a small dolphin to my right shoulder but it looks kinda tired now so I've decided to get it covered over.

I want something that will remind me of my Dad and mean something to me as well. So after a few years of toying with various ideas I've decided to settle for a guardian angel. It fits in with all my criteria...I'm a believer in guardian angels and reckon Dad is my angel now...always with me looking over my shoulder. So it will tie in nicely that my guardian angel will be situated on my shoulder.

Trouble is I couldn't find a design I like anywhere...I've looked in books, tattoo shops from Inverness to America and trawled the web. I have now found 2 that I quite like. I say quite like becuase they're still not 100% what I want but they're close enough to be altered to suit my needs by an artist. Here's the two I've seen...

This one is from a t-shirt for the band Stone Sour...fecked if I know who they are but I spotted the t-shirt front and liked the angel!!

This is the second...Blogger won't let me make it any's quite hard to see and bizarrely was found in Woolworths on the cover of the DVD for the above film!

Both have a ribbon detail to allow for writing...I like that idea although what to write on them is still up for debate. Something incorporating bits from both would be nice. Although I'm leaning a bit more towards the second one...what do you think??

Why do I need to be so picky? Why can't I just want a simple 13 like he does?? Maybe it's becuase I'm a girl and therefore everything needs to be a drama!

Jenny xx

I'm Back...

Well that's me back from another trip across the pond.

The shops in Minneapolis have less stock in than they did when I arrived. Mum, Sis and I did Scotland proud and if there was an olympic gold for shopping I reckon we'd have won it! We hit the stores like wee Scottish hurricanes.

I landed back in Glasgow with exactly One Dollar & 16 Cents to my name...I always believe that if you come home skint you've done the job well!

That picture encapsulates the whole mood of the 5 days...dump the bags and head out for more! What a bloody mess!

I added 3 pairs of shoes to my collection and brought back another 6 pairs for the rest of my troops...well when you're getting Timberland boots for $9.99 (yes $9.99 a pair, that's about £6 as opposed to the £60 the same ones are in a shop about 4 miles from my house!!) and K Swiss trainers for $22.99 it would be rude not to buy them!

We didn't just shop though...oh no we also saw the sights...we saw the worlds largest gingerbread house, every bit of it made from edible goodies. Mind you it was slap bang in the middle of the Mall so I suppose you can't really call it sight seeing!

So with Minneapolis out the way for another year all attention is now on getting ready for Santa coming...It's all very well shopping for the stuff but wrapping it will take some doing!

Jenny xx

Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm away to Minneapolis till Sunday! Yippee!

Yep it's that time of year again when Mum, Wee Sis and I head over the pond to indulge in a bit of child-free, man-free retail therapy.

It'll take the now usual form...flight from Glasgow to Reykjavik, a few hours in Iceland and the customary trip to the Blue Lagoon before heading off to Minneapolis. No doubt we'll still marvel at the fact we leave Iceland at 5.20pm and get to Minne at 5.31pm! It's tradition. As is being in the bar by 8pm with a Vodka Cranberry in hand!

The Blue Lagoon on a typical December afternoon...the sight that awaits us tomorrow!

There has been one slight change to our plans this year though. We will be staying at a different hotel this time round. I've a feeling this may lead to a bit of chaos where driving is concerned as we were quite familar with the routes needed to all the major shopping areas from our old hotel! Still it ain't a holiday unless you get lost!

The majority of our time will be spent in The Mall Of America browsing the 397 stores and up at the Outlet Mall wandering round the various areas of stores. There will be time for a wander round Downtown to take in the delights of the department stores and slaver over Jimmy Choo's and Juicy handbags. There may even be time to fit in the manicure and pedicure...well with all that walking your feet need a treat!

I get excited just thinking about entering that door!

So I bid you farewell friends. It's now 2.05pm and I haven't even started to get ready to go....saying that how long does it take to throw a few pairs of knickers, your make up, one pair of jeans, one t-shirt and a pair of pj's into a case? Anything else I need I'll buy when I get there!

Cheerio! Stay safe till I return!

Jenny xx

Elvis Has Left The Building...

And so it came to pass.

On Saturday at 6pm the statement finally arrived. It was brief and to the point...

"Heart Of Midlothian FC and Steven Pressley have reached an amicable agreement to part company with effect from today"

And there in those 19 words the hopes of any reconcilliation were dashed.

Steven signed for Hearts in the summer of 1998. I doubt any of us realised back then what an important signing this would turn out to be. Elvis went on to become the backbone of the Hearts defence, the man who wore the Captain's armband and wore it well. A man who drew respect by the bucket load from not only the Jambo family but from many a neutral. Steven Pressley was, and I'm sure will continue to be, a shining example of how a professional footballer should behave. A true gentleman and one never to busy to stop for the fans, to chat to the kids, sign the autographs and pose for the pictures.

The writing had been on the wall for almost 6 weeks now. Ever since the now infamous "Riccarton 3" statement in which Elvis, flanked by Hartley and Gordon told of significant unrest in the dressing room and Elvis' subsequent withdrawal from the game against Falkirk questions have been asked about his future at the club.

And so it was on Saturday that the man who had proclaimed he wanted to see his career out at Hearts, the man whom we named Cup Final day after only 6 months ago, the man who has been seen as the mainstay of this team was no more. The fans who had chanted his name week in, week out robbed of the chance to say a final farewell to him. Whatever the in's and out's of how and why this happened, no matter who was right or wrong...the fans who pay the money surely had a right to be able to say farewell to a man who has reached and thoroughly deserved the title of Hearts Legend.

How ironic that on the day we find out he is to leave our club, the Steven Pressley Legend banner fell from it's place high on the tower in Tynecastle and was left crumpled.

Farewell Elvis...Thanks for the memories, watching you lift that Scottish Cup in May and bringing it home to Tynie is something we'll never forget. I have a feeling you will be one ex-Hearts player who will hear his name ring out at tynie when you next appear there..whatever colours you are in instead of the usual boo's.

One Steven Pressley...There's only one Steven Pressley....

Jenny xx

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sometimes It Bites You In The Ass..

Wind Up's. They can be highly amusing if done correctly. Some people make a career out of doing them. There's a radio station over here that does them reguarly in the mornings to good effect, shows like Punk'd pull off high level ones. I myself have instigated one or two in my time...a fact I'm sure Ross will testify to.

There is though a fine line between a humourous wind up and over stepping the mark into dangerous territory where the joke back fires and you just piss people off. That occurs when you take it too far. When you just cross the line thinking you'll be safe because your performing the wind up from a distance and you think no-one knows who you are. When you see the reaction and want to goad it some more. When you think you have the upper hand and you just push the button a wee bit harder and the witty remarks become insults instead.

To be able to carry off a good wind up, in particular when the person you are winding up is known to you quite well, you need to know when to call it a day. You need to have a bit of intelligence to read when enough is make a get away before you leave evidence behind that if looked at closely enough will reveal your cover.

For example if your wind up took the cover being done by written word (perhaps by passing yourself of as someone your not) then you have to look carefully at what you write because silly spelling mistakes and the words you use can all give clues to your identity, your age and your sex.

So to the little wind up merchant who has been trying his hardest to come the smart ass in recent times with me...

If I had to mark your report card it would need to read must try harder. I know who you are and I know that you know that I know who you are (did you follow that or was it too difficult for you?). So we'll leave it at that...never try to kid a kidder...espcially one more intelligent than you. Come back and try again when your old enough to vote!

Jenny xx

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've Been Rumbled...

I have only ever told a handful of people about this fact I told only 2 people initially. One was my Sis and the other was Ross, who was single-handedly responsible for me starting this thing. Since those days way back when I've picked up a few waifs and strays who drop by regularly to read this nonsense that I write...yes South African people you are in with the waifs and strays. I've also picked up a few readers I'd happily rather not have (you know who you are!) but though I never understand it they're a faithful wee lot my regular readers.

However, a quick look at my stats has revealed a bizarre thing. On Tuesday I had 359 different people look at this Blog. Now normally in the average day I have about 20-odd so this raised my wee eyebrows. Closer inspection revealed they had all come from the same place...Jambo's Kickback!

A thread appeared called "Does anyone know this girl?" I've been rumbled!

Och well! That's my nice girl cover blown now...they'll read this and realise I'm a complete nutjob! Actually come to think of it that'll mean I fit in well on JKB!

Jenny xx
p.s Mon The JT's!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Conspiracy Theory Or The Truth...You Decide...


A date we all know well. It was the day terroists flew planes into landmark sites in the USA. The day the WTC came down. We've all got an idea of events on the day. We watched it unfold on TV. We also know that there have been various alternative theories as to what happened. Some have been dismissive of these. Some believe there was hidden agendas relating to what happened...

Hit the link and watch the warned it's long, this is a full may though just give you another angle with which to look at events from that day. Conspiracy Theory? You decide.

It works for me now!!

Jenny xx