Friday, July 29, 2005

Went Out.

Plan was to stay in tonight as I already mentioned. However plans can alter with sudden speed in this house once I take a notion.

Better half and I, alone with no kids (yippee) have just returned from the cinema. We went to see Wedding Crashers with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

The cinema was busier than I've seen it in ages so this film is obviously doing good business and rightly so. It's the first time in many a moon that I've heard so much laughter out loud in a cinema. Even more so than Meet The Fockers. People were in stitches and you could see shoulders going up and down as the audience tried not to cop the giggles too much.

My only gripe was that it was quite long and at times the story was dragged out a bit too much but it is worth a view without doubt. Vince Vaughn is funny man and Owen Wilson is massively (maffisely - it's a personal joke!) cute in a man with a funny nose kind of way!

Go see it. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Keep an eye out for Grandma - she's hilarious!

Jenny xx

Laying Down The Gauntlet...

Ross my blogging partner in crime was given a challenge by his Brother to write a piece about a subject of his choice with the deadline of completing it before his nephew's birthday. Ross has been in a creative slump recently and his Brother saw this as way to get the old writing juices flowing again. It seems to have done the trick. I had put a link in so you could click and read the finished product for yourself but everytime I put the bloody link in it fails and I can't be arsed sitting here pissing about with it anymore.

Ok so it may not be the most inspiring piece ever written nor the best but it got Ross writing again and that is a good thing. He has talent and encouraging him to make that talent better can only be beneficial.

Strangely enough for a guy who seems to like a challenge, Ross seems to shy away from the ones I give to him. Oh alright so they invloved us dressing as homies and running riot about the town centre in the car or taking the mop from the club and driving around randomly hitting people with it (to name but a few of the cleaner idea's mentioned) but to be fair it was a dull Saturday night at work!

I did tell Ross I was going to diss him on here for his refusal to take part in anything more outrageous than dying his hair but I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to give him a different challenge. I've not yet finally decided what it'll be but it will be in relation to the written word in order to be useful as well as humorous to me. If he doesn't take the challenge I will make it my mission to ridicule him publicly on here and if that invloves raiding his Momma's photo album for 70's horror pictures of him then so be it!

So darling Ross, to accept the challenge or not?

I will let you all know what I decide and if pussy boy accepts the challenge!

Jenny xx

Reaching Even Futher...

I'm getting fair global so I am.

I'm now spreading my words (and nonsense) to Italy, Spain, Singapore & Austria as well.

It amazes me what people will read!!

Jenny xx


It is totally silent in my house just now.

Mum has taken 5 year old and 8 year old to stay the night and other half is at work. I have the house to myself and it's bliss.

I'm not working tonight so I've got a good few hours stretching out in front of me.

There's a warm bath with my name on, a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge just asking to be drunk and an Indian takeaway on my mind.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few hours with my Sky+ and a comfy sofa before other half returns.

Jenny xx

Is It Wrong...

For me to be sitting here laughing out loud at my kids.

They are currently in the lounge, owing to the fact that it is pissing down, playing Madagascar on the Playstation. All I can hear is "oh not again", "I hate this game" and the occasional cry of "help", as they struggle to complete the levels.

It's making me laugh no end to hear the frustration in their little voices! Evil? maybe. A bad mother? possibly. Smug because I've completed it? You betcha!

Jenny xx

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Change Of Lifestyle...

So I have realised that as I am now 31, and given most of my family have died before 70, I am to all intents and purposes about halfway through my life.

The last 6 years have seen me contented with my lot and contentment has brought with it the expansion of my waistline and the knowledge that if I am pissed off I can eat a six pack of Walkers crisps in one sitting.

No more.

I have decided enough is enough and I am going to start eating healthily. Ok so part of this is a bid to regain some the energy I had at 19 when I could drink 8 vodka's, dance for hours on end and still go to work at 6am having had 4 hours sleep. I have been blessed with skin that is holding it's age well, no wrinkles yet, but I have the health of a delapitated old bag. In any event the shock that I am approaching middle age is scary. I would like to make it 70 just for the hell of it!

So I am going to make a big effort. I've decided to go with the Mckeith plan, after all you are what you eat. Should be a challenge as I am a vegetarian who does not like any veg except for peas, lettuce, cucumber and potatoes and Dr Gillian is big on veg!

So from Monday I am a new woman. It's out with the pot noodles, pasta and Walkers and in with sesame seeds, veggies and fish. Sounds bloody wonderful. Not!

Och well we'll see how it goes. I may even decide it's time to give up the evil weed, but all in good time. I'll be so bloody stressed eating green food I will need a ciggy to keep me sane.

I will let you know how it goes.

Jenny xx

Playstation Addict...

I have an addictive's one of the reasons I steer clear of drugs as much as possible - I would become a hopeless junkie. My addictions in the past have ranged from Nicotine (still suffering!) to Take That!

I also have a habit of becoming totally addicted to my Playstation and when a new game appears in the house I am compelled to keep the damn thing on until I complete the game.

For the last 2 days I have been sitting for hours on end in front of a 42" tv playing Madagascar on the ps2! Enbarrasing choice of game I agree but I haven't half enjoyed the trials and tribulations of Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman.

I am pleased to say I have now completed it in full. I can now wean myself off the playstation and resume my life!

Jenny xx

People I'd Like To Be Stuck In A Lift With...

Crikey there's a thing to ponder. I am allowed to choose 10 people (living or dead) but you base it on being alone with them in the lift, so here's my ten... I might just add that had I actually given this much thought the list would look massively different I suspect but anyway...

1. My Better Half - We'd have a laugh and there's a few things I can think of to do to pass 5 minutes!

2. Madonna - She could sing to me or recite her children's books, failing that she could teache me a bit of yoga, she's a big heroine of mine so I'd like to meet her.

3. Robbie Williams - He can sit and sing Angels to me for hours on end! Plus he's got a great sense of humour and a deep side to make talking intresting. Oh and I'd like to jump his bones!

4. Peter Kay - How much fun in one small space? I might pee my pants though which wouldn't be good in a confined space.

5. Marilyn Monroe - I've probably read almost every book ever written about her - I'd love to talk to her.

6. Frank Sinatra - I expect he'd have a few tales to tell to pass the time.

7. Donkey From Shrek - Yes I know he's not real but this is my blog ok? Anyway Donkey would be a riot!

8. My Sister - We can talk absolute rubbish for hours on the phone so passing time would be a doddle and she can be every bit as daft as me so we'd do alright!

9. Homer Simpson - The best philosopher ever.

10. My Dad - I have a few questions for him let me tell you and it would be the best thing ever to see him again!

Jenny xx

Music...Universally Blogged.

I've spent the last hour randomly reading through various other blogs and out of the 13 I just looked at 9 of them had a post about what music the blogger was listening to. Why should I be any different then?

My music tastes are wide and include everything from 80's Hi-nrg to Classical with many a pit stop at the hip-hop, dance, rock and ballad artists along the way!

So here's what is currently playing through the house while I sit here (or do the ironing!)...

Damien Rice - The Blowers Daughter
The Killers - Hot Fuss
James Blunt - You're Beautiful
Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I lLove You Less And Less & I Predict A Riot
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends & Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
The Proclaimers - Greatest Hits
Snoop Dogg - Signs, Drop It Like It's Hot, Ain't No Fun (if the homies can't have none)
The Rasmus - In The Shadows
Wu Tang Clan - Gravel Pit
Rob Thomas - Lonely No More
Sanata & Rob Thomas - Smooth
50 Cent - Disco Inferno & Candy Store
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl & What You Waiting For
William Orbit - Barbers Adagio For Strings
Thin Lizzy - Parisenne Walkways
Richard Ashcroft - Song For The Lovers
Snow Patrol - Run
Grandmaster Flash - White Lines (don't do it)

So that's about it for this week...recommendations always welcome!

Jenny xx

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How Hard Can It Be?

I've never been one of those women who desperately wanted to have a blossoming career. I've never had huge ambitions I felt a desire to fill workwise. I wanted to be an air hostess as a little girl, mistakenly thinking it was glamorous and latterly towards my teens I wanted to be a journalist perhaps moving to tv and reading the news! Something happened to change that though and that thing was fate...Fate intervened and instead of pursuing University I ended up taking time out after school and found myself a year later working in a plastic factory! Of course had I not followed this route I would never have met my future Husband nor had my Daughter. Obviously, Husband is now ex-husband but shit happens! I am a firm believer in fate and trust my belief that if something is meant to be it will be, if not then it ain't gonna happen. Maybe this is why I never really have regrets about anything.

Despite the slight change in plans over the years (slight change? top tv journalist to Mum of two and part-time Barmaid!) I still have one ambition which has stayed with me since I was about 9 years old. I would love to write a book.

I wonder how many other thousands of people have that ambition in them? I was a big reader as a child, always had my nose in a book and things haven't changed any. If I get some free time I can always be found curled up on the sofa or in the garden with a book in hand. I haven't pledged alligance to any particular genre either. I will read almost anything and everything perhaps with the exception of sci-fi which I'm not too keen on and I may have a bit of a leaning towards biographies but only because I'm nosy!

I loved English at school and enjoyed all the book reports that everyone else hated! I even enjoyed studying Shakespeare. I think I am the only person I know who actually looked forward to their higher English!

So with one amibition I would indeed like to fullfill I find myself wondering, how hard can it be?

I have given the matter some thought over the years and have come up with a few ideas but they're just not right...yet. Maybe one day I'll get the right idea for a story and the rest will flow naturally. Aye right, not likely! They do say that you should write about what you know though and witha life and family like mine I reckon there's a book in there somewhere!

So watch this space and who knows one day I may just be telling you I've written a book!

Jenny xx

He Cracks Me Up...

I couldn't not post this...

This is Dean, my Nephew partaking of a little dancing yesterday at 5 year old's Birthday. All he needs is a whistle and a light stick and he'd be just fine! The fairy cakes at yesterday's party were from Asda and to my knowledge they only contained a few E numbers not actual Ecstasy but judging by the picture...

This boy just cracks me up!

Jenny xx

Happy Birthday 5 Year Old...

Yesterday 4 year old became 5 year old. 5 years old? Christ where does the time go?

Anyway, in accordance with the then 4 year old's wishes, his 5th birthday was a themed tea party. The theme he had chosen was Batman...much to the annoyance of 8 year old sister who was hoping for fairies or princesses!

The table was decked out in all things Batman from cups to tablecloth and 5 year old sat happily munching cakes, rolls and sweets while wearing his new Batman costume! His guests included his cousins and his best friends. Music was played on demand from the kids and as a result we had a fair bit of singing loudly, dancing like they were being electrocuted, and lots of hands in the air type moves to such classics as Crazy Frog, Hey Baby and the Grease Megamix! Lovely.

Within 30 minutes of the feeding commencing my kitchen floor was strewn with party poppers, various shades of icing and half eaten ham rolls and my neighbours were no doubt demented at trying to eat their dinner while their ears were being assaulted by the strains of the kids singing "ooh, aah" loudly.

However, birthday's come but once a year and being 5 is something to celebrate. So after they had eaten, drunk and been merry they were dispatched to the street to play clutching party bags and Batman masks, while I went for the hoover to begin operation party aftermath!

I am now cleared of birthday party duties until November when 8 year old becomes 9 year old and Princesses and Fairies take Batman's place at the table!

Happy Birthday 5 year old!!

Jenny xx

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pulsating & Throbbing...

A part of my body is doing both right now.

No not that part!!! I'm talking about my head.

I have now had a headache for 3 days on and off and it's doing my head in, so to speak!

It has been coming and going and has now settled into my forehead nicely and obviously likes my forehead enough to have decided to squat there for the time being...

I manged to kick it's ass a little yesterday with the help of dihydrocodine and a dark room but the little bugger came back this morning when the drugs wore off!

As I need to drive into work tonight for a boring old staff meeting I am refraining from taking any more tablets until I return. If I did take them, then drive, there's every chance I wouldn't make it to work at all but would be in a wrecked car in a ditch somewhere off a country road!!!

So for now it's me and my headache, a cup of tea and a peaceful few hours...

Jenny xx

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reaching Other Regions...

I am surprised to see that I am currently being read by people from further afield than Edinburgh!

I am now reaching people in United States, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Portugal, Australia and the United Arab Emirates...

It's a small world really ain't it?

As my knowledge of foreign languages is limited to a sprinkling of French, a dash of German and enough Spanish to eat, drink, get merry, find my way home, find an emergency exit and pass the time of day...I can only say Cheers for reading and have a nice day!

Jenny xx


You never said I'm leaving
You never said Goodbye
You were gone before we knew it
And God alone knows why
A million times since We've needed you
A million times since we've cried
If love alone could save you
We know you'd never have died
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone
For part of us went with you Dad
When the angels called you home

To our beautiful, funny, loving Dad...
Always remembered, always missed, always loved...
God bless, God love, God look after...

Jenny & Gill




It is a year ago today since my Dad died.

The year has passed with incredible speed.

When you experience the death of a very close loved one you go through a number of emotions.

Grief, regret, anger, sorrow, hurt, resentment, wishful thinking, name but a few. It is true that time eases the pain, you smile again, you move on with your life, carry on with the day to day stuff and make plans for the future. It is also true though that many of the feelings you felt at the time never go away. They stay with you in a somewhat milder form...but they are always there.

I long ago got my head around the realities involved in my Dad's death. I got to grips very quickly with the fact that he had gone and was not coming back. I no longer expect to see him, I no longer expect him to appear at my door for a visit, I no longer expect him to answer the phone when I ring Mum. However, having the reality sorted in your head does not stop your imagination running away...

I still wish he'd appear at the door for a visit, still wish h'd answer the phone when I ring...

I still feel the anger, sorrow, regret...More than anything though I feel cheated.

Jenny xx

Friday, July 15, 2005

Never Mind Jenny May...There's A Virus On The Loose!!

There is a virus thingy running riot. I know not where it came from, nor how it began but it's here and it's spreading!

So far I have heard of 5 cases in 3 days...

Reported symptoms so far include shitting , spewing, dizziness, stomach cramps, headaches, loss of balance, loss of appetite, nausea and extreme thirst.

Tonight my poor wee Mum became the latest addition to the ranks. Wee Sis has just reported in that she had to collect Mum and take her home to bed as she "looked bloody awful" and "was doubled up".

Although not a Doctor myself...I have deduced that there appears to be a common link. That link is the bowling club in which I work. Another 2 staff members have reportedly been stricken with said virus thingy and the other is a member of said bowling club along with my Mum...

Could it be that the problem lies then within the bowling club? Me thinks maybe it could. Perhaps we are being poisoned by the very drinks we sell!! Perhaps there's something in the water? Perhaps boss man is trying to kill us off? Perhaps we are the victims of a germ warfare terrorist attack? Crikey!!!

I shall keep a close eye on developments...

How I love to dramatise everything ...

Anyhow to those like myself who are feeling not quite themselves at the moment, get well soon.

Jenny xx

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summer Fun...

Dragged myself up and out to the beach yesterday. It was hoochin' as you would expect on the hottest day of the year so far. I wasn't really up for it having been feeling a bit ill in recent days (for ill read wishing it was raining and windy so I could lie in bed all day, eating soup and not feel I was missing anything) but quite frankly with 2 kids climbing the walls for fun and 4 weeks left of the holidays it seemed the best idea.

The sea was full of people and they weren't just paddling as they usually do during a Scottish summer, given the sea is normally cold enough to freeze your extremities, they were actually swimming, playing on lilo's and blow up boats just like they do on their package holidays to Spain!

I was seriously tempted to wade in up to my neck and swim with them. I had come prepared with swimming attitre underneath my skirt and vest but the thought of inflicting my semi naked body on these happy people enjoying their day stopped me! I settled for a wade up to my bum.

Later at home a few kids in the street had their water toys out - paddling pools were seen and a few of them has this thing you attach to a hose which then sprays water up in the air, kind of a poor version of kids playing at a NYC Hydrant. Later water balloons appeared and water guns...not little pistols like when I was little but massive big super soakers that fire 30 0r 40 feet.

The kids were soaking, the street was soaking, cars were soaking, people coming home from work in suits were soaked walking from the bus stop...and I live in a quiet cul-de-sac!

Everyone was in fine form about it though. I watched from the window for a while and had the overwhelming urge to join in but really a 31 year old mother against a bunch of 4-12 year olds...I wouldn't stand a chance!!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids and other peoples kids running about playing and laughing. Yesterday eveining (and again at this exact moment) the street was a playground for the kids. Playstations and computers forgotten about, kids out playing, getting fresh air and enjoying the sunshine.

Anyway...I'm thinking I will join in today. They may have super soakers but I have a hose!

Jenny xx

A Strange Feeling...

I'm in a strange mood at the moment.

I'm putting it down to the fact that in a week from today will be the anniversary of Dad's death. One year passed since we last saw him.

I can't put my finger on the mood that's grabbed me. I'm not angry, snappy or bitching. I'm more thoughtful, quiet and feeling a real need not to sit doing nothing but to keep busy.

I think about Dad a lot, always have since he died but I am more of an optimist than a pesimist and because of this I stay positive and my thoughts of him over the last 11 months have been the good ones, the fond memories, the times we all laughed together and the silly things he would say. No thoughts there to hurt or make me sad, just memories of good times.

Just now though my thoughts are more negative, how I haven't seen him, spoke to him or heard his voice for a year. How I waved to him from a window the last day I saw him rather than get up and go down to speak to him in person. How my son starts school in a month and he won't be there at the gates with me, video camera in hand and proud as punch. Of course because it is the anniversary of his death (not for example his birthday) I am thinking of what happened a year ago - to all the feelings I had this time last year, anger, grief, shock, anger, anger & anger.

It is a strange feeling for me not to be able to dispell the negative feelings for positive ones but being Jenny I can assure you I will be back on form by next week, the one next week smiling, joking, relaying tales of my Dad with my Sister and Mum, both of whom have the enviable ability to cry and be sad and grieve freely, which I do not.

My Sister read a "star sign" thing about my sign - Aires - which said "give them a major issue to deal with like a death and they cope with ease, tell them they've got a flat tyre and they fall to pieces"!! This about sums me up to be fair. So I will tolerate my funny mood and see how it goes.

Jenny xx

Friday, July 08, 2005

Nothing To Say...

So I have been told to write on here but I am all out of stuff to write. I could write about London and the bombings but I can't be arsed. I could write more about starving Africans but I've said enough on what's a girl to do when she runs out of things to write about?

Well how about I show you something instead? How about I show you what I look like?

Quite cute ain't I? I know what your clever I am, how you've never seen a 2 year old write so well and have such opinions!!! Well I may be disappointing you but the little girl here is now 29 years older than when this photo was taken!!

To be fair though I haven't changed too much. Still occasionally need to hold onto a wall to stabilise myself!!

Still have the same fat legs!! Although I wouldn't be seen dead in those shoes nowadays but I can assure you they would have been all the rage in 1976!!

Jenny xx

I'm Embarrassed...

and ashamed to say I've been driving about in a Nissan Micra in the last few days.

Those of you who know me will understand I have a deep loathing of these cars which borders on an obesession.

The reason for my driving this hideous piece of machinery is that I am without car and it's all that is available to me!! (thank you deeply to my Mum!!).

Anyhow despite Micra driver's trying to persuade me that they are indeed good cars this is bullshit...I mean what sort of car doesn't have a clock in it?? Or for that matter intermittent on their window wipers?? Not that I'm boasting but my car not only has intermittent but 4 speeds of intermittent.

Ok so I'm a car snob but really I consider myself lucky that the Micra even has wheels and pedals.

Jenny xx

I Told You So...

Didn't I tell you all to stay in during July??? Didn't I???

I warned you it was freaky month of misfortune. Riots, Bombing, Natasha Bedingfield in Edinburgh...the month just gets worse.

Jenny xx

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Thankless Job..

Edinburgh is at the centre of a lot of media intrest lately with the G8 about to land on our doorstep.

The press have descended in droves and police presence in the city is high. The powers that be are on alert for and expecting trouble as various protest groups make their way to the city to make their various points known. Previous G8 summits have seen violence and confrontation and this one is not expected to be any different.

There will be many people involved with the summit and the hue and cry surrounding it, from civil servants and road workers to judges and the military. Many will carry out their normal tasks, some will be doing extra duties, many will recieve praise and fat cat bonuses for their roles, most will not and for one lot of workers their role will prove thankless. These workers are the Police.

They will have a fairly huge role to play in all of this. As well as dealing with security issues at Gleneagles itself they are also dealing with large numbers of protesters in and around the area as well as the Live 8 events taking place.

Already we are hearing them criticised for their handling of yesterday's demonstation in Edinburgh. How many more times I wonder will we hear this in the next week.

No matter what they did it would be wrong...if they were too lenient and trouble erupted and damage was caused they'd be shot down...if they are heavy handed to prevent trouble they are shot down.

There is a fine line between friendly protest and troublesome protest and I know this first hand having been on a few myself. It doesn't help of course when many are on the street not to demonstate at all but only to goad the police into a reaction anyway.

As for the narrow minded few who resent their right to overtime payments...why the hell not! We all expect to be paid for the hours we work don't we?

I once considered a career in the Police force but I knew I would not be able to shut my face while some idiot stood calling me names or telling me to fuck off. I'm not sure many of us could.

I wish them every sucess with their thankless job over the next week or so.

Jenny xx

Sunday, July 03, 2005

War Of The Worlds...

Went to see it today and it's bloody good!

Prepare to suspend belief a little in places (I won't spoil it for you!!) but Tom Cruise is brilliant as is his daughter in the film.

The effects are huge and as I hadn't a bloody clue was was going to happen being unfamilar with the story I was a bit taken aback at the ending!! There are a few humourous moments but it certainly isn't Independence Day...which I also loved!!

Anyway go see it or get it from the back of a lorry on pirate dvd (not that I'm condoning that of course!!) Actually it will be one of those films that's better on the big screen.

Well worth my £4.20!

Jenny xx

And They Marched...

In Edinburgh...

but I'm not going to write about it. Go look at Ross' blog and read about it there where he has summed the day up nicely.

Jenny xx

Live 8...

I watched along with an estimated 3 billion others as some of the best known artists took to various stages around the globe to show support in the campaign to make poverty history. There was a wealth of talent on display from those old enough to have performed at Live Aid to those who weren't even born then!

Concerts were being held all over the place. Japan made do with McFly and Bjork, Canada had Barenaked Ladies and Bryan Adams, Moscow had a full set from Pet Shop Boys and not much else...Paris really only had The Cure that were of any intrest to me, Berlin faired better having the fantastic Faithless as well as Green Day and Roxy Music and Philly put on a line up that included Bon Jovi, Detsiny's Child, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, the utterly gorgeous Rob Thomas and our very own Kaiser Chiefs but without doubt the pick of the talent was at Hyde Park in London were almost 250,000 people saw some great acts and some not so great acts!

Here's how they lined up for London...

U2, Coldplay & Richard Ashcroft, Elton John, Dido, Stereophonics, REM, Ms Dynamite, Keane, Travis, Bob Geldof, Annie Lennox, UB40, Snoop Dogg, Razorlight, Madonna, The Killers, Joss Stone, Scissor Sisters, Velvet Revolver, Sting, Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams, The Who, Pink Floyd and finally Paul McCartney.

U2's opener was as usual a great live performance from them.
They sang the crowd pleasers and Bono even managed a fetching rendition of Unchained Melody which the crowd happily joined in with.

Coldplay followed and also played a great set including one of my highlights when they were joined on stage by in Chris Martin's words "the best singer ever" Richard Ashcroft to sing "the best song ever written" Bittersweet Symphony. I really like Richard Ashcroft and The Verve so I enjoyed this bit!

Elton John was a bit disappointing...given the back catalogue he has he didn't sing his best stuff. Dido who was up next looked great and did a few well known numbers. The Stereophonics then came on to fly the flag for Wales and did a great job. They got the crowd singing and clapping.

Ricky Gervais came on to give us a dance before introducing REM who performed my favourite track by them Everybody Hurts. Michael Stipe looked brilliant in matching eye stripe and shirt!

Ms Dynamite ain't my cup of tea and I used her set to make a much needed loo stop and cup of tea! She was followed by Keane who again did a good set and although they are a bit boring to watch they will have pleased their fans.

Travis were next and again played a great set and played the crowd pleasers, the audience singing along to Why Does It Always Rain On Me and waving their umbrella's!!

Bob Geldof gate-crashed the party next giving us a quick song in the way of I Don't Like Mondays. You couldn't really grudge him his wee moment! Brad Pitt then came on stage to say a few words and introduce Annie Lennox who was brilliant and got the crowd singing along to Sweet Dreams. UB40 were alright but as someone who used to be quite a fan they could have chosen better songs!

My second big highlight was next as Snoop Dogg took to the stage with posse and dancers! Utterly brilliant...just the thought of how
the BBC bosses faces must have been as he asked the crowd to put their motherfucking hands up during a daytime broadcast made it great tv...he got the crowd involved more than once asking them "what's my name?" before launching into the accompanying song.

Razorlight came next and did their profile a fair bit of good by performing a good set. They were follwoed though by yet another big highlight for me...I again became that 11 year old girl who watched Live Aid desperately seeking Madonna. I'll be honest, she disappointed me a little in 1985 but not in 2005. She was brilliant. She played the number ones, had the dancers and the choir and looked every bit as great as she did 20 years can tell I'm a big fan eh?

The Killers were next and I was disappointed on 2 fronts. I like them a lot but we only got one song and they played the wrong one!! Joss Stone followed them and again I felt the need to pee!

The Scissor Sisters did a great set, not as wacky as normal but still
fantastic. Velvet Revolver came next and may have died a little as the Brits weren't sure of who they were. Sting came next and performed a few Police tracks looking better than he did when he forst sang them! Mariah Carey then took to the stage surrounded by the African Childrens Choir who were adorable...I can't stand Mariah Carey but I'd had a few glasses of wine by now and made it through her set spurned on by what was coming next!!

My dream sandwich appeared before me next...David Beckham arrived on stage to introduce Robbie Williams and as they hugged on stage all I could think was let me in the middle!! Anyway Robbie hand the crowd eating out of his hand in minutes, he did a set of four songs, got the crowd dancing & singing and was the only artist to go down and meet the crowd. He finished his set with Angels and the crowd were well pleased and sang along in full voice. Obviously when it comes to Robbie I am 31 going on 11!!!

Peter Kay appeared next and got the crowd singing amarillo and marching on the spot he should have had a band and Tony Christie and cracked on proper!

The long awaited return's of The Who and Pink Floyd followed and although they were all of Grandad age they showed they could still cut it with the young team and the corwd sang along and enjoyed a wee bit of history.

Paul McCartney came on to finish things off...the man may be an institution but everytime he appears on stage it's the same songs again and again. Get Back and Baby You Can Drive My Car are constants for him. Does he not realise he was part of the biggest pop group ever? There are millions who love The Beatles but the majority would love just for once to hear early Beatles's guaranteed to get the crowd singing and dancing and eating out his hand and let's face it he's got a shit load of songs to choose from!! The night could have ended a bit better had they stuck to the original plan of singing John Lennons Imagine instead of the Na Na's from Hey Jude..but all in all it was a big sucess and a great line up.

Jenny xx

Making Poverty History...

So I sat there in front of my tv for the best part of 11 hours yesterday...I haven't done that since July 13th 1985 when I was a mere 11 year old desperate to see Madonna on stage in Philidelphia. Knowing that something good was happening to save starving Africans, feeling saddened by images of boys and girls my own age dying and donating my pocket money to the cause, buying the t-shirts etc. That if course was Live Aid.

This time around for Live 8 I am a 31 year old mother of two and Bob Geldof didn't want our money, he wanted our names. The purpose this time around was to make the G8 leaders aware that we - the humble public and the people who elect the leaders - were not happy with the unfair poverty in the world and wanted something done. At the end of the day though, 20 years down the line from being that little girl waiting to see Madonna, people are still starving to death needlessly every day. I truly hope I am not sitting writing about this again as a 51 year old.

Some people are cynical about how effective things like Live Aid and Live 8 are. They grumble about mega rich superstars telling us to help the poor and needy. Yes Bill Gates probably does have enough money in his account to save a small country single handedly but we need to remember that people like him, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and the other's who introduced acts yesterday and made speeches are popular icons for todays society and as such have a hugely influential effect on the fans who adore them. Same goes for the hundreds of acts who gave their time to entertain us all. They are all people with influence over sections of society and yesterdays line up's in the concerts around the world ensured that whatever your musical taste's their would have been someone you liked showing their support.

Maybe it's because I'm older, maybe it's because I'm a Mum, whatever the reason I cried when I saw the images from the third world countries and I felt a sadness and an ache for strangers that is normally reserved for your close family.

So following yesterday's events, we take it now to Edinburgh on Wednesday for the final push on the long walk to justice and we hope they listen and we hope they do something...and if they don't listen then the richest nations in the world cannot be democracies but dictatorships and the blame for third world poverty cannot lie with anyone else but 8 men. 8 men who would go down in history as the one's who wouldn't make a difference...when all the world wanted to.

Jenny xx

Saturday, July 02, 2005


I will of course write about the whole live 8 thing in more detail but...

Arise Sir Robbie Williams, talk about working a crowd!

The man's music may not be everyone's taste (sad losers that you are!!) but no-one can deny he is without doubt one of the finest showmen we have in this country! Talented, entertainig and sex on a stick...I think I've wet my pants so I best be off...anyhow Pink Floyd are on in a bit...

Robbie Williams...Fan-bloody-tastic.

Jenny xx

Friday, July 01, 2005

Curiously Enough...

I have just randomly flicked through a few other Blogs and after going along clicking "next blog" for a few minutes finding nothing of intrest the following words appear on screen..

And I'm sure the view from heaven
Beats the hell out of ours down here
And if we believe your in heaven
We might just make it through the year
If we still feel your fire, when it's cold within our heart
Our feelings will awaken and our thoughts will start
And we think of our last time with you
And realise we need one more day
One last chance to tell you we need you
And wish you had not gone that day

For someone who has lost a few relly's in the last year it's a wee bit strange that this should appear.

I'd like to credit the author of the blog but there was no heading bar, no other writing on the page...just a white background and a dancing cow icon! Maybe these are words from a song I don't know, maybe someone else's thoughts...who knows?

Whatever the origin it's lovely.

Jenny xx

July...Freaky Month Of Misfortune....

So today is the first of July 2006. Grab your duvet and some neccessary supplies and lock yourselves indoors till it ends. I'm not being dramatic...really this is for your own good. July is the month of misfortune I tell you. You may not believe me but I have proof!!

Last year my family were going about their lives as normal (I'll rephrase that...normal for us!) when all of a sudden along came July and BANG everything changed and life would never be the same again. Let me outline what happened in July 2005...

4th July - Gran (Dad's Mum) died unexpectedly.

9th July - Mum and Dad moved into their new house. Which was the cause of serious stress to all involved due to numerous problems on the day. Sadly I wasn't there to help out, neither was my Dad or Sister as we were at Gran's funeral the same day!

19th July - My Dad died. He literally sat on his bed and dropped down dead. Apparently it was respiratory failure combined with an asthmatic attack. Whatever, it was a shit reason for someone to have to die. Was it expected? Abso-bloody-lutley not! To say we were shocked is quite frankly the biggest understatement ever! That same day I had to travel to Glasgow despite not wanting to leave my family and tell my Grandad that his only child was dead. Not the most pleasant job I ever had to do and I thank god I will never have to do it again.

24th July - Dad's Funeral. I can honestly say this was the worst day of my life so far. Worse than the day he died even. Funeral's make things kind of final. I have never used so much energy in my life trying to hold myself together in front of all those people. By night time I felt like I'd run a marathon and despite drinking copious amounts of vodka and wanting to get pissed I remained totally sober...what's that all about?

26th July - 3 year old became 4 year old and a family struggled to get through the day smiling and blowing up balloons to try and make his birthday as happy as we could. We did not too bad given it was the first time Granny had had to sign a card with only her name on it.

30th July - Grandpa (Dad's Dad) died. Again it was totally out of the blue and unexpected but by the time it came for him to go we were all numb anyhow!

So there you have it, the proof. Just in case this isn't enough for you...

Mum rings me at 9am this morning and tells me in her wisdom "Well it's July again...we just need to get through this month and we'll be fine, last years was bloody awful, that was when it all kicked off" She's got a point. Obviously there will be many memories this month but you do get the sense that if we get through July without any fresh drama...Yeah right!

A few minutes later I find out one of our closest family friends is very ill and may need heart bypass surgery.

4 hours after Mum's words this morning she leaves my house after a visit and crashes her car. On the main road. Not a little bump but a nice big one. The car is in bad shape. Mum I'm relieved to say is fine, shocked and shaky but fine! Phew!

Christ it's only the first day of July!!!!!

So now I'm in my family is allowed out for the next 30 days, what next? and would the bookies give odds on us getting through the rest of July without any more problems...I doubt it!

So be warned, July is the month of misfortune.

I hope you all have a fantastic July. I hope you come through the month of misfortune without a scratch.

Jenny xx