Friday, May 11, 2007

Last Thursday...

Ross and I went out for dinner. It was a last minute decision and due to it being a nice night I suggested we hit a local pub which did grub and had a beer garden so we could sit out enjoy the evening sunshine.

However a quick glance in the bank for the both of us and we decided to upgrade to a meal in town and so we headed of to a restaurant which does chinese buffet. We filled our faces, talked non-stop, giggled like school kids, discussed the people around us (including the obviously gay Homie who seemed to have a severe case of unrequited love on his obviously straight mate) and generally whiled away a good few hours having fun.

There's nothing like having a male pal who you can be yourself with, chill with and who will join in when you sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight in car parks!

Jenny xx

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