Tuesday, September 11, 2007

While I'm Here...

I back Miko.

What a fecking uproar over a dive. Yes it was against Scotland and yes it could have proved a blow to our hopes of qualifying for Euro 2008 but...it didnae! All forwards do it. Yes it's cheating but hey look at Christiano Ronaldo or closer to home maybe Davie Weir or Gary O'Connor...both of whom cheated on Saturday.

Lithuania lost the game. We won 3-1. Miko dived. Big deal. If he does the same on the 17th October or 17th November against either Ukraine or France for Lithuania and they beat them he will be a national hero in Scotland.

Miko played better for his country than he has for ages in a Hearts shirt and had the better of Hutton from when he came on. More of the same on Saturday Miko son when Hutton comes calling with his Rankgers team mates!

I back Miko!

Jenny xx

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Divemaster Dad said...

{sigh}...you know as well as I do that players don't try as hard for their countries as they do in club games. Hutton will be a different player and Miko and the Bleeding Hearts (sounds like a kewl band name) will try diving again only to be sent off... :-)