Monday, May 09, 2005

A Little Bit Too Far....

As a Mum I have raised my kids with the rule that if someone hits them they should hit back.

No Mum wants their kids getting bullied so I reckon if they stand up for themselves from the off we might be ok!

4 year old and sister have been out playing with their friends since school finished, They have both just returned home in a state of panic. 4 year old is screaming blue murder and 8 year old looks flushed! After calming them down I am told that 4 year old has just retaliated after being hit by an older child twice his age. I am assured by both that the older boy hit 4 year old first.

So I'm thinking "well good for you son, hitting him back!" However....

I am then informed that 4 year old decided to hit the older boy back ...with a bloody big stick in the face!!

The older boy now has his nose spread about his face and was last seen pouring with blood heading home!

Oh Dear!

As the older boy is in fact a friend and neighbours son...I send my better half to his home to see if he's ok.

Apart from his nose being a mess and him bleeding into the sink his Mother assures us he is fine!

Phew! Thankfully his parents have taken it very well. It's a good job I'm a nice neighbour!!

Me thinks perhaps 4 year old took matters a bit too far... Me also thinks it's highly likely Older boys will think twice about hitting him again!!!

Jenny xx

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