Sunday, May 01, 2005

Butterfly Friends

How annoying is it when you have a friend whom you really like but who pisses you off more than anything in the world except micra drivers?

I'll tell you...bloody annoying. I call them "butterfly friends". They are the sort that live in your pocket for a while...share everything with you, phone you in a crisis, phone you as soon as the corkscrew comes out!

Then in true butterfly style they flit of to the next flavour of the month leaving you in their wake. The phone calls become fewer, you are replaced at the bottle opening by someone else and your place in the sharing of their problems is obsolete.

There is of course a reason why Butterfly Friends act like this. Butterfly friends are unable to play nice with more than one friend at a time, they need to have a one-on-one friend. They are the sort of friends who get restless. They are the sort of friends who may have disliked something you said or did but rather than deal with confrontation they back off and move on.

Of course while the constant moving of the butterfly friend is slightly irritating, the more annoying part of the butterfly friend is their need to keep you in the background and still expect you to be there for them when they need you. They will act as though they have done nothing wrong...mainly becasue they don't realise they have!! However, should you be the only person who can help them...they are on the phone.

Butterfly friends soon run out of people to flit to...when that happens they have lots of aquaintances but no real friends.

I have a butterfly friend...I really like her and I still consider her a close friend and someone I hope I will know for a long time...but sadly I along with others have been left in her wake as she moves on. I will be there when she has no one else to flit to but I fear I will be an aquaintance and not a real friend by then.

Jenny xx

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