Wednesday, January 02, 2008

15 Weeks And Counting...

Till my Grandaughter arrives!

Yep 2008 is gonna bring with it (God willing!) a wee bundle of joy for me to coo over.

For those who don't know - my Big Bairn (that'd technically be my step-daughter, my first Hubby's eldest daughter and 11 year old's half sister) is pregnant. So Belle gets to be an Auntie and I'm gonna be a Granny (not a step-granny according to Big Bairn but just Granny!) at the ripe old age of 33!

We know that the baby is a girl as Big Bairn and her gorgeous Boyf have had a sex scan to find out and so far she's likely to be called either Sky or Emily but for now is known by me as Lil' Missy (which is highly likely to stick once she's here!).

So roll on April...I can't wait!

Jenny xx

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