Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My Opinion...You're Entitled To It

So I said to you all a few posts ago that I knew how I was going to vote and for why. I have known for a while now what my preference was going to be..I can confirm that the lines are closed and the results have been verified...the winner in this years "who will jenny vote for?" competition is....

The Labour Party.

Why? Simple. The alternatives don't bear thinking about.

I was one of Thatchers children. I grew up under a Tory government.

I was at school learning about how my country was great. How we fought bad guys in the war and won. How we used to own half the world. How it was great to be British. At the same time our Government of the day was destoying out country right under our noses.

I grew up in a country... in recession, with mass unemployment, where the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, where house repossesion was rife, where intrest rates were crippling, where people lost all that they had worked to get, where mass strikes took place, where all our national companies were sold off, where lifetimes of industry were killed off, where Scottish people became second class citizens and guinea pigs for policies, where Poll Tax caused grief, families were torn apart by poor wages and fathers could not support their children.

I no longer live in a country like that....I still live in a country with problems...but who doesn't??. I now live in a country where unemployment is at it's lowest levels in decades, intrest rates are at their lowest levels in decades and I can afford to support my family. My Council Tax may increase every year but it's still less by half than my parents paid in Poll Tax each year. I may pay more tax but I get it back in Tax Credits which help me spend time with my children and not need to work full time to keep them.

As for the war in Iraq which seems to be the main reason people are dissing Tony Blair, let me say this...65 years ago we got involved in a war to rid the world of a dictator. To liberate people and give them back their freedom. We lost thousands upon thousands of men, our cities were destroyed and our people lived on rations. We made our leader at that time a Sir, we worshipped him.

In Iraq we did the same thing...got rid of a dictator, liberated people and gave them freedom. How come our opinions are now so very different? Now we want to fry our Leader for doing the same thing!

So I will vote Labour... I will vote for a final term of Tony Blair in charge. I will vote for the party that have made big improvements in turning our fortunes around. I will vote for the party who have the strongest Scottish politician, Gordon Brown.

Who will you vote for? You decide.

Jenny xx

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