Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Happiness Is Being Jambo....

I really should have been on here yesterday writing this but I was still way too hyper and way too tired all at the same time to sit here and do this. Hearts 4 - Hobos 0. Fan-bloody-tastic!

I've been wondering what the hell to write...how do you put such a great day into words? Why should I even try! I'll leave it to those who write for a living. Here's a few quotes from Mondays press in Scotland...

"As the first half began the gaps in the East Stand didn't fill up and the Hearts fans sang "You couldnae sell aw yer tickets!" to a very quiet Hibs support"

"The horseshoe of Jambo's meanwhile, had been shoulder to shoulder from 11.30am with barely a spare seat in sight"

"They rocked the place...over 20,000 sang "oh the hibees are gay-ay" over the guitar riff from the White Stripes Seven Nation Army as it blasted through the PA system. There's just no comeback from that!"

"The opener, the essence of Hearts in one murderous break"

"A maroon tide was sweeping forward"

"The second was magnificent, the Hibs keeper thought he could out think Hartley. What a stupid assumption to make"

"And in only 58 minutes and at 2-0 down the Hibees headed for the exits in droves"

"The third goal proved that Hibs need to be looking for a keeper in the close season"

"Jankauskas was left with nothing to do but slot the ball into the empty net as the Hibs keeper looked on"

"The gaping holes in the Hibs end grew and grew as they streamed from the ground"

"Ivan Sproule was sent packing. Mikolinus was too good for him and he hit out in a fit of childish petulance"

"Hartley never stopped, he was magnificent"

"Hibs lost the plot and so did Gary Smith, the Ref had no choice but to show him the red card and point to the spot"

"Down to 10 men, down to 9, down to handful of masochists suffering in silence"

"Hartley was on for a hat-trick, the first of his career and no one in the maroon end had any doubt he'd get it"

"Hartley slotted home the icy cool penalty...and the scoreboard showed 4-0"

"Scotland's own Zico humbled his old club Hibs with a treble to treasure"

"Hartley wrote his name all over the biggest ever Edinburgh derby. He covered himself in glory, Hibs covered themselves in shame"

"Hibs were a shambles, all over the place"

"Tony Mowbrays men were...massively outnumbered, massively outgunned"

"Hibs looked emptier than their end of Hampden"

"For 90 minutes and more the Hearts fans danced and sang, the response from the Hibs end was pitiful"

"And so went the final whistle to end the misery of these Hibs players and more so the few hundred fans who stayed to the end"

"Hearts boss Valdas Ivanauskas rates Hartley's destruction of Hibs as one of the best solo displays he's seen in football"

"What a numbing, horrible, crushing day to be part of the green half of Edinburgh"

"What a day, What a season to be a jambo"

Enough said really.

Ticket to the match - £25
Cost of travel - £17.50
Refreshments - £5.00
Beating the Hibee's 4-0 in the semi - Priceless!

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

4-0 is a piss poor score for a rugby match!

As for you missy, you need to contain your emotions. We know you don't even begin to understand the game. Only reason you go there is to see all those hunks sweating on the field.!! He he


jenny said...

Oooh you are lucky you're miles away!! I know my football I'll have you know!! Saying that I won't deny there are some fine figures of manhood who play in maroon and White!

"4-0, we only won 4-0"

Steven Douglas said...

I'm still trying to work out who the hell it is that you support... LOL..