Friday, April 28, 2006

I've Got A Goal-Den Ticket...

As you may be aware my Footie team are playing in the Scottish Cup Final on May 13th. Tragically I was on holibobs when the ticket details were announced. Imagine my shock on my return when I discovered that Hearts had received around 33,000 tickets for the match and they were all gone!

The majority went to season ticket holders and the rest to shareholders with none available for Joe Public! The fact that my team are in a final and there are no tickets left could have been enough to send me over the edge. However like Yogi I am smarter than your average bear and have gotten my hands on 5 tickets!

Don't ask how I managed it. It's top secret. Oh alright I'l tell you. We're going hospitality like we did for the semi and I was clever enough to phone my contact at the company and ask her to hold tickets for me in the event they went on sale prior to my return. I'm a clever girl! Tickets are like gold dust but I've got my grubby mitts on 5 thanks to my new best friend Janet at PB Events.

So it's the road to Hampden for us (kids included!) on May 13th. Hurrah!!

Jenny xx

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