Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Funny Old Dad...

I wrote a post on here a few days back about how it was one year since I'd started this thing. I mentioned the things that had happened in my year. There have been a few comments on this post and remarkably they've all been linked to the comment I made about my Dad which read...

"I have gotten through another 365 days without my lovely Daddy and I am no longer angry with him"

I've got to admit that it both amazes and humbles me that people commented on this line. The reason for that is because you think that when you lose a loved one and the time begins to pass that they are forgotten to everyone else but you. It is truly lovely to hear that others still think of him with kind thoughts nearly 2 years later.

It's strange but true that even though time has moved us all on there is not a day that passes when I don't think about Dad at some point. This will be even more significant in the next fortnight as we all head to Florida a place Dad loved and the last place he ever went on holiday to. It will be the first time Mum and Wee Sis have been back since we all went with Dad 8 weeks before he died. I headed back there last summer and instantly was reminded of Dad but rather than feel sad I felt happy remembering all the things we'd done there together. I hope Mum and Wee Sis feel the same when they get there. I know they are both a bit worried about going back.

All his grandkids associate Florida with Grandad and I'm sure his name will be mentioned by them a fair bit in the next few weeks. It is remarkable that even though my baby was only 3 when my Dad died and some of his memories of Dad are fading he can still recall word for word things Dad said on a certain ride in Florida or silly things he did with him.

Gone but not forgotten right enough.

Jenny xx

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