Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hours Of Fun With Yellow Post It's...

How much fun can you have with 4 kids and a pack of yellow Post It's? The answer I've discovered is loads.

Write a name, thing, object on the Post It and stick it to the forehead of a child and get them to guess who or what they are with 20 questions.

So far my Niece has been a Do-nut, a Monorail and La La from the Teletubbies. My Nephew has been a Submarine, Jelly and Dash from the Incredibles, 6 year old has been a Hotdog, Shaggy from Scooby Doo and a Bike and 10 year old has been a Car, Glinda The Good Fairy and a Cheesecake.

Best of all...they've all been amused and quiet for the last hour, they've laughed and learned something during the course of their questions and it ain't cost me a penny! Where else can you get away with calling your Niece a Do-Nut or hearing your Nephew ask if he'd eat himself if he could?

Jenny xx

1 comment:

Wreckless said...

In a poitlically correct kind of way, what you have been doing is demeaning to the kids, and could instill in them an inferiority complex which could scar them for life and cost the parents, and possibly the state millions in conciling fees. Imagine going through life thinking people see tou as a doughnut? or even as a bicycle? Is that why everyone wants to ride me , Mommy??

I think you have done these kids a great injustice.