Sunday, January 21, 2007


So with all the Hooha in the Celebrity BB house this week about racism, it got me to thinking.

So Jade Goody (official national hate figure for the second time) called Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty "Shilpa Poppadom". She refered to her as "Indian" as did her Mum Jackiey (yes that's how she spells it!) who referred to her continually as "The Indian". This has caused an international diplomatic row and apparently Jade has given the whole country a bad name because of her comments. Get a fecking grip people.

Just supposing I had been in the house and someone referred to me as Jenny Haggis or Jenny Deep-Fried-Mars-Bar. Would there have been such an outcry? What if someone had referred to me as "The Scots girl" or horror of horrors "The Jock"? Should I have expected the Chancellor to wade in with a comment? Em Nah.

What Jade said was at most silly and a speak before you think moment. It hardly warrants a fecking global outrage. Let's be honest...wasn't it Jade's silliness and speak before you think character traits that saw her win over the British public and become a millionairess? Now the very thing that endeared her to us has seen her turned into a national hate figure.

Personally Danielle Lloyd's comment that Shilpa should "fuck off home" and her comments that "She (Shilpa) wants to be white, she's a dog" is far more derogatory and it'll be intresting to see what happens when she emerges from the security of the BB house. If anyone should be being vilified then it's her.

As for Jade, give it a rest and give her a break. It's political correctness gone mad.

Racism is not acceptable. Regardless of colour we are all the same and it should be stamped out but seriously how many of us can honestly hold our hands up and say we don't go for a "Chinky" or that we don't sit in front of the TV when England play footie and call them "English Bastards" or the like? Not many I'll bet, but my friends that is Racist. We're all as guilty of opening our mouths as with silly comments as Jade has been of hers.

Jenny xx


Professor Ratbaggy said...


I suspect that this is all a beat up in pursuit of ratings. After all nothing in reality TV is what it seems.

A Jambo down under

Wreckless said...

racist, nationalist, culturalist, who gives a fuck.
At the end of the day, all this PS is so overboard even the fucking golliwog has a complex.


jenny said...

G'Day Professor! Always nice to hear from a fellow Jambo!

Professor Ratbaggy said...

G'day Jenny,

I get on Kickback but rarely post as the time difference makes its difficult to debate(?!) with the home based support....and of course its a bit of a zoo these days. Might see you there or in View from Gorgie (bit more civilised). In the meantime keep up the blog its good stuff.

Prof. Ratbaggy