Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Resolution...

I made one as is tradition.

I was gonna vow to stop smoking but I still have duty free to finish!

I toyed with celebrating the return of the Spice Girls by getting back to the shape I was in when they first appeared on the scene in 1996 but then remembered that I was about 5 months pregnant then and that's not really a shape I wanna be just now!

I flirted with deciding to join a gym but then I remembered I have a fear of all things lycra so decided to give it a miss.

I thought long and hard about eating more healthily but then realised the meringue had to be eaten today so ate that and banished that thought.

Then it dawned on me. Each year we make these resolutions and each year we are smacked across the chops with the big hand of failure. Why? because we are too aspirational in our resolutions. We are unrealistic about what we can achieve. So I decided to make my resolution something attainable and I gave the matter some thought and decided it need to be something that I could prepare for and not just jump into, something that would require a bit of stamina, something that would require me to use my brain and something I could be proud of.

And finally after a long period of deliberation which lasted ooh a good 3 minutes I found something that fitted the bill...I resolved to paint my toenails! It requires a bit of preparation in getting the feet ready, some degree of stamina in doing the right foot with the left hand without fucking it up and a good degree of thought in choosing a suitable colour and when it's done I can look proudly down on my pretty toes...and, bonus time, it was something attainable and realistic!

I am pleased to confirm that for the first time in many a year I have actually made a resolution and stuck to it! My feet were soaked, my cuticles removed, my feet scrubbed and moisturised (there's the preparation!) and finally I settled on a dark red/maroon high gloss, 5 day chip resistant by Rimmel!

Job done and I feel a slight tinge of smugness which I am sure will last longer than any vain attempt to stop smoking, lose half my body weight, live on celery and watercress or squeeze my ass into some lycra cycling shorts!

Go on try it for yourself!

Jenny xx



love it, think I'll paint mine. Phyllis

Divemaster Dad said...

How about resolving to post something more than once a month, hon? :-)