Saturday, October 15, 2005

Gotta Go...

I've a plane to catch.

I'm going to be absent for the next 7 days as I'll be busy lounging around the pool, sipping sangria and eating Paella in Benidorm, Spain with all the troops.

We head off to the airport in about 2 hours. That's my one gripe about the whole thing, we're having to fly from Newcastle instead of a Scottish airport as they want to charge an extra £400 for the pleasure of going from a local airport. Daylight robbery!!

So it's a nice 2 hour drive to England on what is the shittiest road in the world..the A1.

Everything is ready to go...except the things I've forgotten and won't remember about till I'm on the plane..why is that always the case?

Anyway tickets, money, passports are all accounted for so that'll do for me!

"We're all off to sunny Spain y viva Espania"

Have a great week everyone.

Jenny xx


Godess Of Bitch said...

Jennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Where are you? Well I know where you are....but isn't it time to come home? =o)

Godess Of Bitch said...

oooooo you're home...I saw your comment on Ross darlings blog ;o)

jenny said...

Yep I'm back...nice to see at least someone missed me!