Saturday, October 29, 2005

Over The Hill...

Was out last night at a party to celebrate Better Half's Brother's 40th birthday. I could have made that last statement a damn sight easier by saying my Brother-in Law's 40th but technically he's not as I am technically not married to his confusing do families need to be?

Anyway, it was a good night. Craig or Uncle Chicken as the kids call him...I don't know why...plays in a band and has done for a number of years. We have never seen him perform with the band but know he can sing so we were looking forward to finally hearing them especially as his Mum-in-Law (not technically as he's not yet married) had told us how good they were in the way only proud parents can!

I have to say though she was spot on. The band are called BlackStar and they play regularly in clubs and pubs around Midlothian and are from what I gathered last night very well known by the locals and have a fair wee following...they are also very good.

Craig and the guys played for nearly 2 hours and the set included covers of U2, Kaiser Chiefs, The Clash, Neil Diamond (no surprise there), REM and a few rocked up versions of old 60's classics to keep the old folks happy!

Craig is a real character, a one off and his lovely girlfriend Lee (my sister in law but not technically!) looked every inch the proud rock stars Mrs!

I had a laugh at the end of the night...Craig and Better Half are both follically challenged and both stand over 6ft 3 tall,Craig is very slim but Better Half is built like a brick shithouse (as we say in Scotland). The sight of a drunken Craig wrapping his arm around his Big Brother and saying to me with a very serious face "Look at us...this is the real Mitchell Brothers" cracked me up!

Carig and Lee are due to tie the knot next July...I'm looking forward to it. Maybe Better Half and I will do the same sometime then at least we can get rid of all the "technicalities" in the family and Lee and I can offically join the Mitchell clan!

Happy Birthday Craig!

Jenny xx

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