Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mosquito Mayhem...

While on holibobs I got bitten. I'm not happy.

It's been ages since I was bitten on holiday. Last time it was a tiny wee jumping spider thing in Florida about 4 years ago. This time it was a mosquito, which is great because I am allergic to their saliva.

I've got 5 bites on my lower leg and feet and the allergy has caused my feet and ankles to swell hideously. I am like the elephant woman I kid you not. The bites are now big blisters full of gunge which keeps running down my legs and feet...nice eh?

Apparently these little bubbles of goo are my bodies way of fighting the infection.

I love my flip flops (In fact I love all shoes - Jimmy Choo's, Manolo Blahniks, Nikes...) but even I know that I looked a complete ass wandering around Newcastle at 2 am in the pissing rain in flip flops but it was all I could fit on my bloody feet!

I've now got a course of antibiotics, a cream and a course of antihistamines to take. I am starting to rattle when I walk!

One good thing is that the mossie bit while I was asleep on the night I had gotten very drunk so I'm kind of hoping the alcohol in my bloodstream would have gotten it pissed as well enough so it flew straight into a wall and died!

Jenny xx

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