Friday, February 24, 2006

Greased Lightning...

I was out at the theatre last night darlings! It always sounds a bit posh when you say that.

We went to see the stage version of Grease at the Edinburgh Playhouse. It's Mum's birthday on Saturday so it was a wee treat for her. There was just Mum, me, my Sis and our 2 daughters.

We headed into the city centre singing along to the Grease cd in the car which was the cause of much hilarity between my sister and I as we took on the parts of Danny and Sandy and sung (I use the term loosely) at the top of our voices.

After a quick stop off at a chinese all you can eat buffet type restaurant we headed over the road for the show. There's always a stall inside selling t-shirts, cd's, pens...all the usual junk and when you take a 9 year old and a 10 year old you normally never get past it without them asking for something. Last night was a bit different was us older girls who made our way over to the stall. Too much money later we left to find our seats with my Sis sporting a new bright pink t-shirt emblazoned with "You're the one that I want" across her breasts and all of us sporting pink, love heart shaped, fluffy deely boppers (you know, a head band with sticking up springy things) with flashing lights including my Mum. Did we feel stupid? No, we felt well pleased especially as 7 year old girls eyed us jealously cause their Mum wouldn't buy them any! In any event given the number of "pink ladies" and "Sandra Dee's" we passed we felt and looked relatively normal!

Anyway the show itself was good, it doesn't follow the story of the film all the way through but it came to the same conclusion with Sandy flinging off her goody-goody image and becoming a sex goddess!

And so over 2 hours later we headed back out of the theatre towards the car, still wearing our springly head gear and singing and at one point dancing along the road...well at least me, mum and my sis were much to the disgust and bewilderment of our 2 young daughters! We headed home singing along to the cd again and a good night was had by all.

Oh before I go though...

special mention must go to danicng man. During the interval last night we, along with a couple of hundred others (fucking lepers that we are), had gone outside for a ciggy. My Sis turns round and glanced up Greenside Place towards St James Centre and spots a guy coming down the road towards the theatre. He is dressed in a knee length embroidered coat, white linen trousers and had shoulder length curly hair, a beard and had a set of Ipod earphones in...and he was dancing down the street...and I mean dancing. He looked like the happiest man on the planet as he danced his way down to where we were. Everyone was in fits watching him and everyone uttered the same.."god he looks happy" phrase. Suddenly he stopped and paused for a minute and then began again but doing a different dance...obviously the song had changed on his Ipod. Absolute class!

It reaffirms what I have been telling my children since birth...dancing makes you happy so do it wherever and whenever you like!

Jenny xx

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Wee sis said...

Ah the dancing man!!! makes me smile just thinking about it.

wee sis.