Monday, February 20, 2006

Something To Write About...

Yesterday I went to my local Ford car dealership to have a look at the new Ford Focus ST. The car is currently being advertised on tv and it caught my eye. I like cars...who'd have guessed given we're on car number 10 in 5 years...and fancied a wee look at this one.

Of course it was just a intentions of doing anything else given it came with a hefty £21,000 price tag!! In any event I've only had my current car since September.

The car in question was in the showroom in all it's glory. It was the top of the range model, as it always is in these places, and it was attracting a great deal of intrest. I must admit I was smitten straight away. It seemed everyone who was having a look at it felt the same way!

You may recall me saying that I have problems with my hands which randomly pick items up which I then purchase. Luckily I am unable to lift a car and take it to a check out...unluckily I also have problems with my eyes...they want something and my brain agrees!

So within 15 minutes of looking at said car I am in discussions about what trade in I can get on my car...It's a good deal and seconds later I'm out test driving this £21k car!

When we get back I find a spot and have a look through the brochure for the car to see what you get for your £21k...

18" 5 spoke alloys

Recaro Sports seats - 10 way fully electronically adjustable

3 spoke leather steering wheel

Aluminum gear knob with red gate graphic

Aluminum sports pedal with rubber paddings

St logo sports scuffs

Ambient lcd interior spot lighting

Chrome tipped dual sports exhaust

Full leather interior with heated seats

Sony 6 disc autochanger all front loaded

Mp3 socket for the Ipod

Xenon sports head lights and low ride fog lamps

Jet black roof interior

Jet black headliner on front window

Footwell lcd lightning

Wing mirror indicators

Sports steering

ST chrome badge trim

Low sports suspension

6 speed gearbox

ESP traction control

2.5 litre, Turbo charged, Duratec 5 cylinder engine

220 BHP

300lb of torque

0-60 in 6 seconds

Then I get chatting to guy who took one for a spin yesterday...he's looking to buy one but can't find a dealer that has any left in stock so he's in Edinburgh trying to source one...he tells me that during his test drive he finds himself with a guy in a Honda Civic Type R going past him and as he does so he gives the guy that look, you know the smug my one's better than yours look. The Focus looks , externally at least, like every other Focus on the road except for the discreet ST badge on it. A typical family car. So the guy says the Honda goes past and the driver puts the foot down as if to prove his point...the guy said he put the foot down in the Focus and opens it up and leaves the Honda trailing and despite the best efforts of the Honda driver he can't catch him! They come to a roundabout further along the road and the the guy has slowed down to let the Civic catch up and he says he just caught his eye and smiled! It was then he decided he was definitely buying one...

and it was then that I thought the same!

So all going well I will be whizzing round town in my new car in about 8 days!!

So much for just having a look eh??

Jenny xx


Ross Douglas said...

And for your £21 big ones youre only buying an updated ford fiesta. It's all the same shit different badge.

For half the price you could buy an MV Augusta f4 which will...
A. Go faster.
B. Look better. (Exotic italian design always looks stylish compared to the bland "looks like every other car on the road" lines of a ford.)
C. Wheelie. (Can't do that in a car.)
D. Give you more laughs than a stand up comedy gig while high on lithium.
E. Be the most exclusive motor in your street. (unlike the Fordy which in six months time will be the butt of all "I call my ford tampax, 'cos every cunts got one" joke.)

Have fun though.

Steven Douglas said...

Oi...enough of the Ford Tampax jokes please...I'm quite enjoying my Ranger, thanks. SA, for the equivalent Souf Efrikan Rand price, you'd be lucky if you got a fucking engine. I'm with Ross on this one though...go for the MV...

jenny said...

Me thinks you boys are forgetting I have 2 sprogs to cart around!! Sadly this means practicality needs to be taken into account! Anyhow my Ford will never be called tampax as not every cunt will have may well look the same (except for the differing bodywork, colour, interior and logo)but mine will go like shit of a shovel while others will trolley along in their 1.6 LX!! In any case there is no better kick as a woman than seeing the look on some ned boy racer's face as you scream away from him in a car he thought was nothing!

Anyway if Ford is good enough for Clarkson to own, it's good enough for me!!

Does this mean you won't be nipping my head for a wee shot then Rosco??

As for bikes, my cousin, who worksd for the renault f1 team, owns some sort of 1000cc racing or something so I could have a shot of that if I fancy doing wheelies!

Godess Of Bitch said...

Well, unfortunately I detest Fords..I'm a Chevy gal. I'm also more into very large trucks than little cars. I would recommend a Chevy Suburban or Tahoe or maybe a GMC Denali. I dont need to race anyone to prove mine is better...I just run em over!