Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Is Not Always Better...

As I have discovered since I got my new bed.

For some insane reason Geoff has felt the need to begin snoring like a pig all night since the bloody new bed arrived, something which he normally only done after a few beers. Of course because the bloody thing is now 6ft wide instead of 4ft wide I can barely reach him to nudge him or kick him to get him to stop! So I spent the first night of having my new bed...on the sofa downstairs while he snored the night away.

The following night I made a decision to go to bed before him so I could be asleep before he got into snoring mode...this worked a treat but I must have been lying funny in bed and woke up with a bloody sore neck in the morning.

I can honestly say I don't feel like I've had a decent nights sleep since I got that bed! However, it looks fantastic and I love the bed linen so as I would with a pair of shoes that hurt my feet, I will persevere with it until I get there!

Jenny xx


Godess Of Bitch said...

Hmmm maybe wake him up for a little action and maybe then his sinuses will be cleared! lol dont ask me what the connection is but hey...a new bed...a very large new bed...always calls for some breaking in.

Godess Of Bitch said...

ok if i fly iceland air i get a free trip to the blue lagoon? Or do i have to buy a package thingy? It's already gonna set me back $1100 round trip...which is insane as it is...and that's why we're bunking at Ross' lol. But I would love a trip to the blue lagoon...which is why i'm thinkin of flying iceland air. So lemme know! I'm hoping to plan the trip for August as a graduation gift to myself if I can get a loan!

Wreckless said...

So it's a kak bed. Well, thats technology for you. Made to look damn nice, but very unpractical. Chuck it out, or better still, put it into the guest room for when the mother-in-law comes to stay!

As for the "new" snoring problem, methinks hubby is trying to get you out the bed so he can have all of it to himself.
Check under the mattress, might be he's left something there to make the bed uncomfotable for you on purpose....!!!