Friday, February 09, 2007

New Tattoo...

So on Monday I headed back into town with Better Half to go and get the drawing done for his new tattoo, the one I had IOU'd him at Christmas.

He had a rough idea of what he wanted the tattoo to have in it but hadn't seen anything in the style of what he wanted while we'd been looking. Luckily for us, well for Better Half really, we came across Studio XIII while on our jaunt out with the kids last Friday.

They had agreed to draw up exactly what Better Half was looking for and so we headed up on Monday so Better Half could get his drawing done with the plan then being to return later in the week to get the actual tattoo. As luck would have it though Tomasz, the artist doing the work, was free to get on with it there and then. An hour and 45 minutes later and the job was complete.

So here's the end result...starting to dry out and scab nicely! The nautical star in the middle represents Better Half, the other two represent the kids...he chose nautical star's as they guide you home. There's a J and a C which are the kids initials and the 13 is there because it's the day on which Better Half was born and it's his lucky number (bizarrely in tattooing 13 is very popular as it is considered to represent good luck or not having a fear of bad luck). There are flames up either side which you can't see properly here which Tomasz drew freehand. Better Half is well pleased with it and I have to say it does look fills in a gap area on an arm which now sports 4 different tattoo's!

I've also struck lucky as I've found the very thing I was looking for for my own tattoo. While browsing through the artwork in the shop I came across exactly the sort fo angel I'd been looking for...male, strong looking, detailed and livable with for the next lifetime! answer to your question then I've not had mine yet! It looks like Tomasz will again be doing the work and hopefully in the next month or so I'll have my new guardian angel sitting on my shoulder carrying the words "watch over me and protect me". I know my guardian angel does just that anyway and I know he's always on my shoulder so it's pretty fitting. I'll be getting a bit of Royal Blue put into the guardian angel had a fondness for the colour!

Jenny xx


Ross Douglas said...

Looks like someone has changed over to the new blogger...

Like it, very minimalistic.

(We need to get together so you can take me through to see "our" lawyer. Drop me a line...)

Steven Douglas said... good as the tatt looks, I'm afraid to me (before I read the meaning behind it), looks more like "23c" than a "13" and an initial.