Thursday, February 15, 2007

Out On A Date...

I've got a date this week. I'm meeting another man for lunch while Better Half is at work.

I'm quite looking forward to it as I know there'll be nice conversation, he'll no doubt make me laugh and he's good company.

Better Half is ok with my planned rendezvous, he knows this is something I would do with or without his approval. After all he knows I am a woman with needs. He realises I sometimes just have to spend time with men who are not him. He is aware that other men hold a place in my life, he's very liberal like that....

He knows that I would never pass up the opportunity to sit down for a natter with my pal Ross, put the world to rights, discuss his love life, laugh, give out my own brand of advice and chill for a few hours!

He also knows Ross and I are proof supreme that a boy and girl can be just friends!

See ya tomorrow Rossco...I'll toot for ya...right then I've an exam to sit in a few hours..must dash!

Jenny xx

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