Sunday, February 04, 2007

In The Last Week...


Been to the funeral of a 42 year old man who died from the evil that is cancer. An intresting funeral is was too with no hymns and no life story about the deceased. Instead we got The Doors playing (amongst other bands) and letters written to him by his friends and family which was nice.

Been catching up with friends on the phone that I've been neglecting...Mrs F if you read this I've found the book I got you back in December but couldn't find!

Been doing a bit of interior redecoration, following the lounge getting it's new coat of paint, I've been out and bought some new pictures for the walls...arty black and white scenes of New York which I am liking a lot and I've had Better Half change all the plug sockets and the light switch from boring white to chrome. I've also bought a ridiculously cheap light fitting which looks ridiculously more expensive than it was...a chrome and glass chandelier type which is lovely to finish off the room.

Bought paint for 10 year old's room which Better Half is under instruction to have put on the walls in the next 2 days! Along with that I bought her a ridiculously cheap light fitting which looks ridiculously more expensive than it was...a red velvet and red glass chandelier type which is pure glam and will fit in with her new "grown up" more lilac, fairies and pink things!

Been discussing with my clan ideas for our holidays this year and bizarrely the kids fancy New York...I bizarrely enough fancy Florida...Better Half fancies both!

Been phoning builders and architects to get the plans and prices for my extension which will hopefully get underway by late spring/early summer.

Made room for some family time and headed into the city centre with the kids and Better Half for a wander...we decided to do Edinburgh tourist style...a dry run for a possible trip to NYC and because we've never done it before! We took the car to the park and ride and got the bus into town, we walked from Lothian Road, up Castle Terrace and right down to the bottom of the Royal Mile stopping to read the wall plaques marking historical spots, visiting St Giles Cathedral, spitting on the Heart of Midlothian for luck, visiting the Museum Of Childhood, stopping at Starbucks for a coffee and a lounge about, browsing in a tattoo shop we came across before heading down Jeffrey Street, up past the Waverley, across Princes Street and into George Street to get dinner at the Hard Rock and then back down into Princes Street and on the bus back to the park and ride. It was a great day out, the kids walked the whole way without once complaining, ate all their dinner for once, got loads of fresh air and had smiles on their faces all day...a good dry run for any potential trip to NYC given it's a lot of walking and sightseeing!

All in all it's been a busy week...and this one doesn't look like being any quieter...Better Half is dragging me back to the tattoo shop we saw while we were on our wander tomorrow to get his new tattoo!

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

And speaking of tattoos, did you get yours yet??