Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wednesday & Saturday...

Were days of despair in my hoose. I'll tell you for why.

On Wednesday, the sexiest man in maroon Paul Hartley left Hearts FC to head to Darkheid and play for Celtic. Gutted, not just because he was still one of our most influencial players or because he went to one of the Infirm but because I will never again see the vision that was him looking hot, sweaty and damn fit running around Tynie in a maroon jersey. I was inconsolable on Wednesday...but I'm over it now after seeing the wee bugger in his new Hoops top playing for his new team today!

Saturday brought yet more unhappiness in Jamboland. It was Scottish Cup weekend. We had Dunfermline. Aye it was an away game but they are rooted to the bottom of the SPL. Aye they beat Rangers in the last round but Rangers are gash. To be honest I wasn't confident going into this one for some wierd reason and turns out I was right to feel that way. We lost 1-0. A late goal and by late I mean very, stomach churningly, seconds away from a replay at home late. Jammy bastards. Still I can now book my holidays for May!

Jenny xx

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Professor Ratbaggy said...

The sexiest man in maroon....hmm that would be me in my 50's style Hearts shirt IMO!! Seriously though, its a blow for us but he's where he's wanted to be for some time. I can't see its a great move to sell some of your best players to your rivals in such a small league. Should haave sold him down south if it was possible.
Saturday, Dunfy, ARRGGGHH!!!!! should never have happened. Feel better for that.