Sunday, June 03, 2007


A request has been made from up on high that anyone booked on a flight from Glasgow to Florida in the last week of June (i.e from 23rd onwards) cancel their flight immediately if not sooner.

This is for real. It's no joke. Apparently unless all you people booked on flights from Glasgow to Orlando cancel them right this minute there will be a war.

It's all down to the fact that some woman in Scotland can't get a flight out in the last week in June and if she doesn't get one soon she is going to start a bloody riot cause she needs a holiday! Rumour has it that this female will soon begin to stamp her feet, scream and generally cause a nuisance if she doesn't get her butt on a plane in the last week of June or first week in July for at leats a period of 14 nights. So if you all cancel yours then she can have her seats and world peace will not be threatened.

You have been warned.

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

A period lasting 14 nights - I pity your other half, Red Bull or not!!!!

Steven Douglas said...

What's this threat called? Retail Terrorism? :-)