Saturday, June 02, 2007

Well Looky Here, She's Back!

I've not been on here for while. See I've got this new, fantastic website up and running elsewhere on the net now...I can slag folk off to my hearts content! Only kidding I've not really but I bet one or two of you were starting panic!

I've not been here cause I've just been hideously busy. Hideously? What a funny word to have used. Anyway, oh you know what? I'm gonna do this later because right now I am being distracted big style...

I'm lying on the sofa on the laptop. Better Half is lying on the sofa opposite me. Out the corner of my eye I can see his head moving. It's doing that nodding thing that heads do when you're falling asleep...and he's quietly snoring as well...but he's still clutching onto his can of Red Bull. Bless he's hungover!

I'll come back when he's woken up and I'm not constantly looking over to see if he's spilt the Red Bull over his stomach!

Jenny xx

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