Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Blog Is...

Being a bit neglected just now.

I am seriously struggling to find the time to write on here for a whole variety of reasons. Let me tell you what they are..

1) I have been working. 12 hour shifts tend to leave little time for sitting on here and chewing the fat. Especially when you are going from day shift to night shift in 24 hours!

2) I have been trying to organise quotes for my building work. We've been working out what we want done and then trying to source quotes and companies to do it! It looks as though we are about to refit the upstairs bathroom, the kitchen and put on a sun lounge to the back, as well as a bit of basic stuff like decoration and taking out the wooden floors...I'm now toying with knocking out my stair wall to one side to make the back of the house open plan! So over the next few days I've got a pile of workmen heading out to see me!

3) I have been trying to arrange our holiday. This has been a shedload of work given it's not a basic package holiday so I've had to book the flights, accommodation and car hire seperately. It's been no easy task getting flights at this time of year either given it's trades fortnight (traditional local holiday time here in Edinburgh) when we are travelling. However, by the wonder of being me I have managed to secure flights, booked the villa and sorted the car so we're all set. In less than 2 weeks we will be heading out to sunny Florida for 3 weeks of sunshine and relaxation! We're going via Atlanta so I'll get to see the inside of yet another American airport! For the first time in over 5 years there will be just me, him and the kids going. I'm quite looking forward to it being just us for a change...3 weeks though? Well we'll either enjoy it or kill each other!

4) I've been spending a hideous amount of time playing Mafia on Kickback...again!

5) I've been meeting up with friends old and new for a beveridge or two. In fact for the last 3 weekends I've been out on the lash! Last game of the season was at Killie so I headed through for the day with my mate Beverley (Better Half was working!). We were in the pub from 9am so it was budweiser for breakfast and I called it a day (or should that be night?) at 10pm. The following weekend was Gill's birthday (details of which have already been made public!) and when Saturday rolled round again I was out with some like-minded individuals (ie fellow Jambos from Kickback) for drinks. We kicked the night off in The Westfield where there was much singing, drinking and general gibbering done with faces new and old before heading 'up toon' to a bar in the Cowgate to keep the alcohol levels topped up! Suffice to say the end of the night involved a journey in a rickshaw, sitting on an ancient landmark waiting for a taxi and getting home in the wee small hours! Still it's all good!

6) I've been trying to sort out tickets for the Hearts v Barcelona game at Murrayfield in July and make a decision about season tickets for next year as well!

7) I've been spending a bit of time on my Bebo page talking nonsense with various folks! Feel free to go and have a wee look if you like by clicking here . Or bunging in the user name Jennyjambo to the search facility.

In addition to all the above in the last couple of weeks, the end of term is again fast approaching and with it sport's day, end of term trips and general nonsense. In fact sport's day should have been on now...but this being Scotland, it's raining so it's cancelled!! It will be 'reviewed' at lunchtime!

So that's that then. I'll away and get on with something useful now.

Cheery Bye.

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

A sun lounge? That's optomistic!
Take out the wooden floors? Are you completely mad?? Everywhere else they are paying millions to have wooden floors fitted, and those poorer one's having "look alike" wood fitted, and you want yours trashed?
Yea, take out the stair wall, good idea, in fact, take out the whole stair! Who needs to get upstairs anyway, we should be spending all of our time on the new "SUN DECK"!

3 Weeks in Florida - mmmm.... I can think of...mmmm..... nothing I would rather do!!!

Wreckless said...

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