Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hallowe'en Cometh Again...

And my little horrors joined the rest of the kids in the street for "trick or treating". In my day we went guiseing and hoped to make a few quid - my Mum always thought it was no more than begging for money...she has a point.

Now though we seem to have adopted the American form and the kids come to the door asking Trick or Treat...I'm not always a big fan of doing things the American way but they have always been big on Hallowe'en and I love it myself so I'm all for this new change of ways.

Our street is a big cul-de-sac of 102 houses and there are a fair number of kids in the street all of whom from the toddlers to the 10 year old's were out last night in their fancy dress costumes. The good thing about it is the Mum's and Dad's get into the spirit as well...houses have decorations outside and the Mum's head to Asda (Wal-Mart if we're being American!!) and buy in sweets to dish out to little witches and wizards who come knocking. Most of the Mum's and Dad's go out with the kids and we all have a chat and frequently a glass of wine or two as we go round! It's not unusual to see Mum's and Dad's wandering round with masks and hats on!

A quick glance out the window last night and I saw a handful of witches, a good few wizards, a few skeletons, some cats and a princess! I am always reminded of that scene in ET when they go out trick or treating and take ET as a ghost!

I'm not sure why I enjoy Hallowe'en so much. Better Half hates it. He can't be arsed with all the knocks at the door and constant ding dongs of the bell. So he says anyway. Secretly I think he does enjoy it...after all he's often heard telling people he lives with a witch!

I assume he means 8 year old!

Jenny xx

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