Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dear Computer...

Dear Computer,

You and I have shared some good times. We've spent many an hour in each other's company, sometimes too many hours some would say, often still here together late into the night or even into the wee small hours when everyone else is in bed. You've helped me through some troubled times...remember when we were handed the puzzle of trying to find out the names of 5 british football players who had played in the Champions League for 2 different clubs? God how that bugged me. I HAD to find the answer and you my trusty friend helped me. We got the result we wanted and we showed them all! Or that time I couldn't remember the name of that song I wanted to download and you found it for me.

We've done good deeds together, we've passed messages round the globe, we've made new friends and we've made some enemies...but we won't talk about that! Fair enough, having you has at times meant my bank balance has make it so easy for me to buy things while just sitting here with you but I know it's because you don't want me to leave you to head to the stores in person. Even though you sometimes threw a strop and pissed me off by refusing to do what I asked you, I knew you'd always come round eventually.

Sadly our time together is becoming less and less lately.

I'm being edged out of my position here in front of you and it's just not right. You'll notice that Doodle is on here more now. He likes you because you let him play Scooby Doo games with you. Better Half is here more and more now he has that fantasy Basketball thing to do and his footie predictor and we won't mention the hours he spends making you download for him from iTunes. Of course Belle has now claimed her spot here as well. Now she's on here chatting to her mates for hours on end. Bloody MSN. I mean it must drive you mad when the basic conversation goes "Hi babes" "How's u?" "seriously???" "no way" "omg!!!!" "yes i did" "no not no way but yes way" "waaaayyyyyy" "kool" "luv ya hunni" "right babes" "cya spk 2 u at skl 2moro" ...I can only apologise for ever setting the damn thing up for her.

So you see computer between the 3 of them they're whittling away the time I get to spend on here with you. Fear not though my friend for Better Half's laptop has been repaired and soon he will divert his attention away from you and back to her. He's a fickle man. Doodle is easily removed with the promise of a new PS2 game which will keep him occupied for weeks and we will limit Belle to only being allowed to use you for 2 hours per day and look into getting her a pc of her own. For now though we will continue to have our snatched moments together like now when the small ones are in bed and the big one is at work.

Forever yours, (at least until I have saved enough for my new laptop cause to be honest I'm getting bored with how much space you take up)

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

I hope you gave it a hug after that lot... :-)

Great read and well, I just want to get rid of all things "computer" in my life. Well, things that don't add value to me anyway. 26yrs in the industry will do that to some...