Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hallowe'en Cameth...

Is cameth even a word? No probably not but it has come and gone so I couldn't use cometh!

Actually that should be a whole other post...I use a shitload of words that other people probably don't, that probably aren't even real words and that are just real words said differently. Watch this space for that post!

Anyway I'm off on a tangent aren't I? I'm losing the plot a bit here because I should really be ironing my "good" trousers for this funeral later this morning but I'm putting it off for two reasons...1) I can't iron dress trousers to save my life, for this I blame my Dad, who being an ex-soldier was very precise in how trousers should be ironed and so he always did them for us! Now I've got Geoff to do them but he's at work and so panic is setting in! and 2) I will fuck it up and lose my temper cause I can't do it right which will lead to a tantrum in front of the dog...since she's the only one here!

See I'm off again...onto another topic altogether!

Aye, so Hallowe'en has been and gone for another year. My 2 headed out into the street joined this year by their cousins (a Morticia, 2 Screamers and a Bat!) and came back a few hours later with bags full of sweets.

The doorbell went solidly from 6pm through to 8pm with various children from the neighbourhood dressed up in a variety of costumes.

They're all growing up so fast now...I remember the ones in Chloe's class coming round when they were all shy and knee high to a grasshopper...they used to sing a wee song, it was ever so sweet. Last night some of the boys in her class came to the door on the hunt for chocolate and it was then that I really noticed how grown up they've all become...they didn't sing a song but chose to tell a joke and here it is for your amusement...

What's the difference between a hedgehog and a bus full of Rangers fans?
There's more pricks on a bus full of Rangers fans.

What???? Oh my god! They are 10 years old!! The joke though made me giggle (internally of course because I had to show my disapproval by keeping a very straight face at the time!) 10 years old! Their Mothers must be so proud!

The rest of night was spent flying round the place, meeting up with my mates and chatting about wart remover and how cat's piss can leave a horrible smell on your good ikea rugs. I had a few glasses of Champange to celebrate the season and flew home on my trusty broomstick a little the worse for wear laughing at the traffic cops below me!

Right there's no more putting it off by sitting here. I need to go and make an attempt at these trousers. They're staring at me from the dining table...I think they're chanting "you'll never dae us" over and over but I can't be sure!

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

Ha ha ha....not. I bet you changed "Hearts" for "Rangers", didn't you? :-)

Halloween is something that's not "celebrated" here in SA. But then, just about every day we have people in various disguises...cops shooting bad guys in masks, hijackers in balaclavas shooting cops and victims, "fathers" taking their families' lives...

{sigh} be a lad again...