Monday, November 20, 2006

Last Thursday...

As my nephew's birthday was fast approaching I had to get him a present. Dean had asked me to take him out with me to buy something and given I rarely have him all to myself I was up for spending a few hours with him.

Unfortunatley his idea of taking him out to buy his birthday present meant a trip to the Hibs Superstore. I tried to tell him it would make me feel sick but he was adamant. So being a good Auntie I agreed. So it was across town to the dark side...Hoboland... on a wet winter's night to the bright puke green neon lights of the Hibs shop nestled under the pit that is Fester Road stadium.

We arrived and got parked and I reluctantly got out the car with him. Reluctant on 2 because it pained me to be spending money or setting foot in the place and two because I was worried about leaving my beloved ST parked there!

An hour....yes an hour...later he'd finally made his mind up that he wanted a new Hibs home top with his name on the back and a green foam pointy finger thing with Hibernian FC written on it...this was (slightly) preferable to his earlier desire for golf balls, chocolate, pens, calendars, teddy bears, car stickers, air fresheners and pencil toppers!

So we got it and escaped as quick as we could...well as quick as you can when your Nephew takes an hour to decide on some thing and keeps wandering off because some other puke green coloured thing has taken his fancy!

I've burned the clothes I was wearing, scrubbed myself clean and have vowed never to return...last time I was in there was just after he was born...Hibs won 4-0 just after my first visit and after my visit on Thursday they won 6-1 on Saturday now I reckon there's a link in there somewhere so I ain't going back...ever Nephew or not.

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

If I ask nicely, will you take me to the Rangers store next? Huh, huh, huh, pleeeaaasseeee....pretty pleeaaaseee, Pika Jen??? :-)

jenny said...

Oh sweetheart did no-one tell you? There are no Rangers Superstores anymore...they closed 'em all down. You can only buy your Rangers stuff in JJB outlets know the sports shop for neds.