Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Cheers....

Hurrah for Christmas! It is now 17.30 hours on 21st December and I have offically finished all my shopping!

The kids and I went out tonight and got a few extra bits and pieces for Better Half and in doing so concluded the 2006 Christmas shop! Nae luck to those of you who will be battling it out for car parking spaces in shopping centres or for the last remaining bag of sprouts over the next few days!!

Tomorrow morning I'll be getting tooled up with sellotape (real stuff cause the cheap stuff is worse than hopeless!!), scissors and gift wrap and finishing the wee bit wrapping I have to do...the kids break up at 12 noon...then it's tacky Christmas films and a feeling of general excitement and anticipation for the next 2 and half days!!

It's dinner at ours this year. This is our first in-the-house dinner for 2 years. Mum, Sis and her troops are all coming to stay on Christmas Eve like last year so all 8 of us can open our pressies'll be choatic, noisy and messy but damn it that's what it's all about! What better day to let the kids off the lead a bit?? Or for that matter your Mother?? Mine's tends to get as excited as the kids on Christmas morning!

So roll on Sunday night cause I'm ready to go!

Jenny xx

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