Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Jeers....

Bah Humbug and all that.

This is the other side of Christmas (I hate typing the word Christmas cause I type that fast it always comes out as Chrostmas...bugger whoever put the "O" next to the "I" on a keyboard!).

The shops are bloody heaving. Spaces are like gold dust. Queues are massive and we're paying full price for shit that will be reduced by 50% in 4 days time.

Every time I think I've sent my final card another one drops through the door from someone I've forgotten. Bloody cards...30-odd for his classmates, 30-odd for her classmates, special one's for Mums, Dads, Boyfriends, Grannies, Sons, Daughters, the ones for the neighbours, one's to old friends now far away, one's to the rest of the family, one's to work mates and one's to people you met on holiday once and have never seen again. What a bloody hassle. I'm sending cards to people I never see from one years end to the other and to people I don't even like much!

Then there's wrapping...sellotape sticking in the wrong places, paper that you measure by eye and find is too bloody small to go round whatever it is you want to wrap.

As for food?? Why do we still insist on shopping like there's a fecking siege coming? Buying up tubes upon tubes of pringles and tubs upon tubs of dips because your Auntie might pop round unannounced and you need to have nibbles in? Any other time she'd settle for a biscuit with her tea!

It's all nonsense...all of it.

Bah fecking humbug.

Jenny xx

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