Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've Been Rumbled...

I have only ever told a handful of people about this fact I told only 2 people initially. One was my Sis and the other was Ross, who was single-handedly responsible for me starting this thing. Since those days way back when I've picked up a few waifs and strays who drop by regularly to read this nonsense that I write...yes South African people you are in with the waifs and strays. I've also picked up a few readers I'd happily rather not have (you know who you are!) but though I never understand it they're a faithful wee lot my regular readers.

However, a quick look at my stats has revealed a bizarre thing. On Tuesday I had 359 different people look at this Blog. Now normally in the average day I have about 20-odd so this raised my wee eyebrows. Closer inspection revealed they had all come from the same place...Jambo's Kickback!

A thread appeared called "Does anyone know this girl?" I've been rumbled!

Och well! That's my nice girl cover blown now...they'll read this and realise I'm a complete nutjob! Actually come to think of it that'll mean I fit in well on JKB!

Jenny xx
p.s Mon The JT's!!


Steven Douglas said...

And nice to know that you think so highly of us poor fuckers out here in Africa to call us waifs and you too... :-)

jenny said...

Aye you're right I take it back. Your not a waif...just a stray ;)

Wreckless said...

No, you had it right the first time, he's a waif, and his husband agrees. HEHEHEHE