Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm away to Minneapolis till Sunday! Yippee!

Yep it's that time of year again when Mum, Wee Sis and I head over the pond to indulge in a bit of child-free, man-free retail therapy.

It'll take the now usual form...flight from Glasgow to Reykjavik, a few hours in Iceland and the customary trip to the Blue Lagoon before heading off to Minneapolis. No doubt we'll still marvel at the fact we leave Iceland at 5.20pm and get to Minne at 5.31pm! It's tradition. As is being in the bar by 8pm with a Vodka Cranberry in hand!

The Blue Lagoon on a typical December afternoon...the sight that awaits us tomorrow!

There has been one slight change to our plans this year though. We will be staying at a different hotel this time round. I've a feeling this may lead to a bit of chaos where driving is concerned as we were quite familar with the routes needed to all the major shopping areas from our old hotel! Still it ain't a holiday unless you get lost!

The majority of our time will be spent in The Mall Of America browsing the 397 stores and up at the Outlet Mall wandering round the various areas of stores. There will be time for a wander round Downtown to take in the delights of the department stores and slaver over Jimmy Choo's and Juicy handbags. There may even be time to fit in the manicure and pedicure...well with all that walking your feet need a treat!

I get excited just thinking about entering that door!

So I bid you farewell friends. It's now 2.05pm and I haven't even started to get ready to go....saying that how long does it take to throw a few pairs of knickers, your make up, one pair of jeans, one t-shirt and a pair of pj's into a case? Anything else I need I'll buy when I get there!

Cheerio! Stay safe till I return!

Jenny xx

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