Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tattoo Or Not Tattoo....

Better Half wants a tattoo from Santa. Easy enough for me then. All I need to do is hand over the money to pay for it! This will be tattoo number 9 for least I think it's 9! He likes a tattoo does Better Half. My favourite to date is his latest one which he's had for about 9 months or so. It's on the inside of his wrist and is a nice simple design which reads Jenny in a lovely font!!

This time round he's after a tattoo of the number 13. 13 is a number Better Half likes...his birthday is on the 13th and he see's it as a lucky number for him. We've spent the last few days debating as to where he should put his new art work.

It's also got me thinking as well. I have 3 tattoos. All quite small and in places where they ain't too obvious! I quite like tattoos but I'm not a fan of women having huge ones or putting them in the wrong places...I hate it when you see a girl with a massive one on her forearm for example. Mine's are visible if I want to show you them and that's how I like it.

Like most people with a tattoo I have become a bit bored with my first one. I got it on a whim. I was on the bus with my Sister one day and we went past the tattoo shop and suddenly said "let's get a tattoo"...30 minutes later it was done! It's alright...a small dolphin to my right shoulder but it looks kinda tired now so I've decided to get it covered over.

I want something that will remind me of my Dad and mean something to me as well. So after a few years of toying with various ideas I've decided to settle for a guardian angel. It fits in with all my criteria...I'm a believer in guardian angels and reckon Dad is my angel now...always with me looking over my shoulder. So it will tie in nicely that my guardian angel will be situated on my shoulder.

Trouble is I couldn't find a design I like anywhere...I've looked in books, tattoo shops from Inverness to America and trawled the web. I have now found 2 that I quite like. I say quite like becuase they're still not 100% what I want but they're close enough to be altered to suit my needs by an artist. Here's the two I've seen...

This one is from a t-shirt for the band Stone Sour...fecked if I know who they are but I spotted the t-shirt front and liked the angel!!

This is the second...Blogger won't let me make it any's quite hard to see and bizarrely was found in Woolworths on the cover of the DVD for the above film!

Both have a ribbon detail to allow for writing...I like that idea although what to write on them is still up for debate. Something incorporating bits from both would be nice. Although I'm leaning a bit more towards the second one...what do you think??

Why do I need to be so picky? Why can't I just want a simple 13 like he does?? Maybe it's becuase I'm a girl and therefore everything needs to be a drama!

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

...or you could go onto Google, type in "Guardian Angel picture" and get +- 1.4million to choose from...that'll keep you busy for a while. :-)

I have two myself, also discreet (left shoulder and right calf) but also believe it's up to the individual if they want to show them off. I was also thinking of a third, but can't make up my mind as to the design or location, so I won't just yet. The right design will come to mind when the time is ready...

PS...welcome back from your trip. I see it was a fruitful one... :-)

Wreckless said...

The words "My first valentine" would fill the ribbon nicely....