Thursday, September 15, 2005

Alton Towers or Bust...

It's the September weekend here in Edinburgh this weekend. A sort of made up public holiday. The kids are off school until Wednesday so we figured we'd do something. Now normal procedure during the september weekend is to pack your bags - families and pensioner's alike and head to Blackpool but not for us. I've had enough of Blackpool for the time being and anyway this weekend every coach in Lothian will be filled and heading that way. Blackpool's hotel's will be full of pensioner's on their annual trip away with their various clubs and societies and the prom will be full of Burberry wearing ned's and Dad's in afro wigs.

So instead we're heading to Alton Towers, it's the best time to go cause there will be hardly any English there. Nothing against them it's just that there are too damn many of them and they make the queues to long!

Of course as usual with my family it's not just me and my other 3 that are going. The rest of the tribe are coming along as well...we're like a trade union us out, all out.

So come Sunday I'll be riding Rita (pardon the expression) and plunging to Oblivion amongst other things.

Jenny xx

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Godess Of Bitch said...

Next time you come across the pond drop me a line. Maybe we could get together for a "few" drinks and make fun of the sober folks! My parents live near minneapolis/st.paul. Although I'm quite a bit closer to Chicago I'm always up for a road trip!