Friday, September 02, 2005

I Love The Internet...

Ain't it grand? You can get all your shopping in, find enough reading material to satisfy your needs, find things to make you laugh or cry, download movies, music and anything else you fancy, get pictures, find intresting facts, look up relatives and friends, sort out your finances, get directions, chat to strangers, play games...the list is endless! You don't even have to leave the house, which is a great news for agoraphobics!!

Did I mention you can also find out lots of personal information about people? No? Well you can and this can be both intresting and sometimes necessary too!!

I'll give you an example shall I? Someone, who shall remain nameless, that I know claims to be a certain age. If it could be proven that this person was not the age they claimed to be it could have deliriously delightful consequences for a fair few people I know. So I am asked to find out if the age this person is claiming to be is true. 10 minutes on the internet and I have written proof that the person has lied about their age! Result!

So if you wanted to find out information on say Joe Bloggs within minutes you could know, his address, date of birth, credit history, who else lives with him, how many times Joe Bloggs got married and when and to whom and where, whether Joe has kids and whether he works...oh and his neighbours names if you like! Scary but true and all at the click of a mouse!

The sites that provide this info normally charge a fee but if you're dead clever you can get the info for free (I'm not telling how though...that's my secret...ok I'll give you a need to have a smart mouth!!).

Anyway suffice to say the person I know who claimed to be one age has now been proven to be uneconomical with the truth and I have the written proof. Gotcha!!!

I Love The Internet!!!

Jenny xx


Ross Douglas said...

All very well and good. But what is the site name? The internet is about sharing information and you're keeping it to yourself. So spill it.

jenny said...

Now if I told you, you might feel the need to dig up my dirt and with my past lives we wouldn't want that now would we? How do I know I can trust you?

Steven Douglas said...

Has Cuzzin Ross been telling you lies about his age? Not like him to tell lies... ;-)

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