Friday, September 23, 2005

Darn Those Needles...

As you may know I'm currently on a course of injections to boost my B12 supply. Today I had injection number 3. The last two have been deposited in my ass, one on either side, and were kind of painful especially when I sat down!

Today though I saw the nurse who decided to stick number 3 in my upper arm. I took 5 year old along for the ride and while I winced and screwed up my face in pain he lay on the table in the nurses room laughing at me. Nice.

It was a damn sight more painful getting the jag in the arm. My arm feels like lead just now and I can't raise it above elbow height without making strange faces and wanting to moan out loud.

Now not being able to use my arm tonight meant I would be useless behind the bar so I'm not at work which is a shame because if your going to be off work you should use the time to get pissed and go out instead of sitting watching tv holding your throbbing arm.

I need to cheer myself up. I'm off to e bay to buy things I do not need nor want but as painkillers have not helped I am going to see if retail therapy will!

Have a nice evening.

Jenny xx

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Godess Of Bitch said...

well if you really need the therapy i will soon have a beautiful vintage egyptian rugposted on ebay... 100% wool and all feel free to use me to further your therapy! hope you feel better soon!