Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Mother's Love Life...

Seems to be the talk of the Bowling Club at the moment!

Rumours are rife that she has got herself a boyfriend and I suppose in a way she has if you put a space between the words boy and friend.

Mum has a group of friends that she socialises with and amongst that group there is a man who like Mum is on his own following the death of his wife. I used to think that once you got past a certain age it was possible to hang around with a man without people automatically assuming you were together. It appears this is not the case!

Some of Mum's other friends who are not part of the immediate group have convinced themselves and anyone else who'll listen that there's a serious relationship in development. I think they can hear wedding bells and knowing how gossip can spread I can only assume that in a few weeks time my Mother will be pregnant!!

I find the whole scenario amusing. Mum on the other hand is more of a worrier. She doesn't like people talking about her. I suppose for nearly 40 years she was able to hide behind my Dad whenever things got rough and he wasn't one to stand back and say nothing! Both my Sis and I have told her not to be daft...let 'em all think what they like is our feelings!

For the record, Mum and the man in question are good friends. He escorts her to club functions and she has helped him measure his curtain lengths in his new house. Occaisonally they dance together and he will buy her a drink at the bar...shocking ain't it?

As far as I'm concerned anyone who has known my Mum and Dad as a couple for any decent length of time or indeed anyone who saw what the aftermath of my Dad's death did to her will realise that my Dad meant the whole world to my Mum, he was and is the only man she ever loved. That said let's remember that life does indeed go on and my Mum is a 54 year old woman with (god willing) plenty of life left in her. In the last few months she has tranformed from a woman clouded with grief to a woman full of life and that is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. She will never get over losing my Dad but if someone else's companionship is helping put a smile on her face then so be it!

I loved my Dad more than any other man on the planet. He was unique, handsome, funny, intelligent and the best Dad anyone could have wished for. No one will ever take his place in my heart but of course there will be room made for anyone who makes my Mum happy.

If she chooses to take her friendship further then I'll back her all the way. After all she , my sister and I all know the hard way that life is too short not to be happy.

Whatever happens, be happy Mum.

Jenny xx

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