Friday, November 11, 2005

Back And Bankrupt...

Well not quite bankrupt but let's just say my purse is empty and my next credit card bill will probably dent the floor as it drops through the letter box.

Minneapolis was, as usual, fantastic. I had a great 5 days with Mum and Sis doing the shops. I spent a hideous amount of money at the BeneFit make-up counter in Macy's and more money than I should have in Old Navy but c'est la vie.

I also helped Santa out a bit by getting in a few things to save him the bother!

I have discovered that neither my Mum nor my Sis should ever get an automatic fact Mum just shouldn't be allowed to drive at all never mind in a foreign country and Sis thinks that automatic means there is no hand brake!

I managed to boost my shoe collection by another 3 pairs which is always good and the only issue I have now is that I have no space for the clothes I bought for myself which are all still lying in my bedroom.

We took a bit of time out this year to do a few girly bits and pieces...manicure, pedicure and massage which was nice although I'm typing like a novice now that I have nails!

So I leave Scotland with one suitcase holding only a pair of jeans and 2 tops in it and return to Scotland with 2 large suitcases and a large hold all all full to bursting...sounds like a sucessful mission to me.

Oh one more word while I'm here...I flew Icelandair again this year and I need to say that the flights were fantastic, bang on time, large seats, loads of legroom and decent food. I've flown with a fair few airlines and they are definitely among the best.

Roll on next year...

Jenny xx

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