Friday, November 11, 2005

She's How Old???

8 year old is becoming 9 year old in about 3 hours time. I am not a happy woman.

It was bad enough when 4 year old became 5 year old but this is just nonsense. How the hell can she be 9? What happened to the other 8 years?

It is scary how quick the kids grow up. I still look at her and see the cute little toddler that used to run around the place singing and looking in the mirror at every chance. Actually she still does the singing thing...and the mirror thing come to think about it.

I suppose I'm lucky. I have a 9 year old who still wants to climb on my knee for a cuddle and still wants a kiss as she goes into school despite that fact she thinks she's one of Girls Aloud and would happily dress like one of them given the chance.

She has asked fro a mobile phone and a Barbie Pegasus Styling Head for her birthday which I think sums her up totally...allRizzo from Grease one minute and Sandra Dee the next.

Anyway she's got the phone and the Barbie thing so she should be happy!

That's her above with 5 year old. This year's party is more traditional...we've booked a table at a restaurant of her choice so she can have dinner with her friends. Last year it wasa pink Limo which I really enjoyed and it was nothing to do with the free booze!

Happy Birthday BeccaBelle (not her real name but her nickname!)

Jenny xxx (or Mum!)


Ross Mammy said...

Hi there, Ross's Mammy here, good advice you gave him, keep up the good work. your kids are gorgeous, and your site is "interesting", great reading.


jenny said...

Oh my goodness it's Ross' Mum. Ok that's it no more swearing or sexual references. Momma Douglas may not know this but when I was a teenager she was like the coolest Mum in the world. She is also in one of my greatest memories from my youth which invloved walking down Lothian Road, a gust of wind and a skirt! I'll say no more to spare her blushes! Nice to hear from you Mrs D and thanks for the comments about my kids...your's are pretty damn special themselves!

Steven Douglas said...

You're gonna have your hands full when she's about 16 or so...then Barbie and a phone will be easy to handle... ;-)