Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Heading Of Again...

No sooner have I unpacked one bag than I'm packing another.

I'm off on my travels agian tomorrow and at around about this time I will be boarding my plane. First stop is Reykjavik in Iceland. Iceland is a strange place. I can remember last year, my first visit, thinking it was insane that at 2pm it was already getting dark. The landscape is desolate, very volcanic looking and if I'm being honest it looks pretty much like Sweden does in all those Ikea pictures. When you land you are whisked off in a coach for a swim in the Blue Lagoon which is just fantastic. Everyone should try it. The Blue Lagoon is a "geothermal spa" which basically means it's a naturally occuring pool of hot water with a very high mineral content! The name is very apt as the water is the most beautiful shade of topaz blue and the pool is surrounded by brilliant white rock all of which is natural. It's a bit chilly in Iceland at this time of year (-5 today) but luckily you can enter the water from an indoor area - soon as you get outside though everyone drops instantly to their knees to get covered by the water which is a warm as a bath. Last year is seemed very surreal to be in this lovely hot water in a swimsuit while the snow was falling on my head. You also get to try the natural clay face masks which is nice!

Following our wee stop off it's back to the airport to board the flight to Minneapolis. Bizarrely enough we get on the flight at 5pm and land in Minne at 5.20pm yet it will take a good 7 hours to get there! Ain't time changes a wonderful thing!

It's not far to the hotel from the airport once we land so all going well I should be in the hotel bar - vodka and cranberry in hand- by about 7pm.

For the next 4 days it's all shops, shop's, shop's! Minne is home to the largest shopping mall in the world and also a fantastic outlet centre and like last year I fully intend to make the most of them! My credit card is quivering already! Last year I sensibly thought that if I limited myself to about $300 a day I'd have more than enough money with me! Yeah right! I spent $700 in about 4 hours and that was on day one! This year I've taken a wee bit more cash with'll avoid the need for me to find a cash point and rob my bank account like I did last year!

I'm not a mad designer bitch (luckily) and to be honest I love wandering round Wal-Mart for hours buying cheap clothes and accessories. Better Half thinks it's hysterical that I go across the Atlantic to shop in what is essentially Asda's! However my view is I'd rather spend $10 on a gameboy game for the kids there and buy shit loads of them than pay £30 here and buy them one! Anyway they have a massive Apple shop and last year I got an Ipod for less than half what I'd have paid here. The flight justifies the ending!

We're a little more prepared this year as we know what we're heading to. I've got empty suitcases and am taking nothing more than a few pairs of knickers, one pair of jeans and 2 tops. I'll buy anything else I need when I get there! Hopefully Mum and Sis will be doing the same so we won't need to sit for an hour on our cases to get them shut when we're heading home!

Have a great weekend y'all and I'll see you soon!

Jenny xx

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