Tuesday, November 22, 2005

General Opinion...

Following my earlier post about my so called "friend" the general opinion seems to be that I should cut all ties with the offending thing.

Mmmm. I'm not sure about making it that easy yet. As I've already said I normally go in all guns blazing. I'm not hugely confrontational but when I'm pissed people generally know about it.

In the intrests of fairness and logic though I feel it may be an idea to gather opinions on the matter and ponder them over. After all some of you folks on here give not bad advice!

So for the benefit of allowing you all to make a judgement on my revenge here's the actual chain if events...

I have known this "friend",who we will now name X, for about 5 years. She is in her mid-thirties. In that time we have partied together, cried together, laughed together, gossiped together, got drunk together, even been on holiday together. Her kids are ages with mine and we live 100 yards from each other.

Each year around Christmas we have a night out...there are 8 of us that go, all couples. Last year X got hideously drunk...which she blamed on having her drink spiked! So nothing to do with the fact that she mixed her drinks all night and regularly gets into that sort of state. X became abusive and eventually was dragged away and after falling down drunk...in a 4 star hotel I might add, very classy behaviour...she was taken home.

None of us spoke to each other for the next 6 months...I hadn't fallen out with her and had said nothing wrong on the night. She had fallen out with better half. Eventually the move was made to patch things up. I called her and tried to sort out what had happened all those months ago. It seemed to work and we agreed to put it all behind us. A week or so later at another mutual friends house I met her for the first time in ages and as per the script she was slightly pissed when I arrived. She basically spent the next hour and a half taking the piss when ever she could and doing her utmost to get me to rise to it...which I didn't. She spouted out all sorts of lies about the infamous xmas night out and blamed everyone but herself for what happened. I left, having bit my tongue, but was absolutely raging. I told the other people who had been out that night what she had said and they too were less than happy at her.

Amazingly she denied all knowledge when confronted by another friend despite that fact that she had accused this friends husband of spiking her drink and said she'd reported him to the police. Again I made the move to sort out the shit she had caused. Again everything was to be forgotten and we all agreed that we could never go back to being as close as we all were but we could still get togther now and then and at least be civilised adults.

So I invite them all up to mine for a take away and a drink...I figured the sooner we all got back to normal and got together to put everything behind us the better...everyone agreed to come and the date was set for 6 weeks away.

The gathering never took place.

The reason for this I can't say without letting them know what I do...and I don't want them to know yet. When I found out...and I always find out...I cancelled the whole night without a word to anyone why. I have since got a few more nuggets of wisdom which have prompted the already festering anger I had to start bubbling away nicely.

In all honesty I have made every effort with this piece of trash and I am now at the end of my rope. I have held my fucking tongue even when she tried her best to get me to react. She even informed me I had called her 9 year old a "fanny"...wrong I called him "rude"which he was... but I let it ride.

I have not spoken her name to anyone in weeks and I said and did nothing to her at the Xmas night out...in fact I was the one who tried to help her out of the mud when she fell on her arse.

Yet somehow I have come out as the baddie here...could it be that she has been helped to this conclusion by others? Most possibly. Forgive me for being cynical but one other "friend" who has stated time and time again that she's not getting invloved has been distant in the least for a good few months now. There was a time when she would be on the phone asking if I fancied a glass of wine but it seems X now gets the call. Mmmm. All the while X smiles and waves as if nothing has happened and as if she still likes me...even though she's made it damn clear she doesn't.

What pisses me off is knowing that she'd have sat in my house, playing nice, acting as though all was forgotten yet just days earlier she was slating me to others.

So that's basically it. So what's a girl to do? I'm still for slow-burning revenge myself but if you know better let me know.

Jenny xx


Godess Of Bitch said...

LMAO Jen...save your energy for people who deserve it. She sounds a tad gone in the head anyway so why even bother? Do ya think she'd even get the point? I doubt it...she'd probably just use it to talk more shit behind your back. It's like when we were in grade school and someone was picking on you...if you ignored them eventually they went away. Next time she smiles and waves...smile back.....and then flip her the bird. It's a universal language that even a mentally impaired cunt like her should understand.Other than that get together with the people you know you can trust and as for the others....fuck em, it's gotta really suck being them. I mean would you want to be such a miserable mean spirited person? Besides it's almost Christmas. The jolliest season...and the best time to tell someone to have a coke and a smile and bugger off.

Steven Douglas said...

Jen...further to what Lee says, you no doubt know who it is that X is bickering with, so just wipe the whole lot of them from the Xmas card list. Those that come back, could probably be considered friends. The rest...karma will get them...

The mate that stabbed me in the back had the big house, scuba diving business, lovely wife, et al....that's all gone now. He was big into the karma thing, and realised afterward that it got him. He called me a couple of months ago saying he was looking up previous acquaintances and would I consider having a beer with him sometime. I think I made it clear that it wasn't going to happen...

jenny said...

How did I know you two would repond?? I reckon you two are just what I need...you are the calm to my stormy...it amazes me how people from across the globe who you have never met can be more bloody in tune with your life sometimes than those you see everyday...as for Karma getting her, I think you've got a point...I've just heard her period is 4 weeks late and her Hubby's had the snip...how unlucky would that be?? Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

Godess Of Bitch said...

Awwwwww...we love you too jenny poo!