Monday, November 14, 2005

Hello To Ross' Mammy...

Had a comment on here from Ross' Mum.

She's a really nice lady and it's both nice and scary to see she's been on here.

Nice because Phylis was always really good to me whenever I visted her home in my younger days and she was a great role model mum!

Scary because some of the stuff written on here and commented by me on Ross' blog is not the sort of stuff I'd like her to be reading!! I've been swearing and all sorts!!

Still she reads a damn site worse on Ross' blog I suppose!

Anyway nice to hear from you Ross' Mum and I hope you're well!

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

I've had limited contact with my Aunty Phyllis since coming over to the RSA, but the time we met again 2yrs ago (first time in 28yrs), we had a good time at lunch with both Ross' parents (actually, it was just after that lunch that I met Cuzz for the first time...that I can remember). My sister, Angela, has always spoken of her fondly too...... Hiya, Aunty P... :-)