Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One Step Closer...

to my little business venture. Next week I'm going for the guided tour of the premises and finally getting my hands on the accounts!

It's not the place I'd want to have in normal circumstances but I'm being led by the potential more than what already exsists. The place has the potential to be better than it is and needs a bit tlc. I like a challenge so I guess that's why I'm intrested when my initial reaction would have been to say no outright.

Anyway if it all works out Better Half will be right beside me running the show and I couldn't ask for a better partner.

I've told a few people about it and alredy have people asking for work and I haven't even decided I'm going for it yet! That said I'll confess I've already given staff issues a thought and I reckon I'll need someone else who I can trust in their with me. I know who I'd like it to be but I'm not sure if it will happen although I'd be a better boss than they have now without question!!

We'll see what happens...I'll update you all next week once I've seen things for myself.

Jenny xx

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