Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Bizarre Week...

This week has been odd. Really bloody odd.

I've been tired, grumpy, adgitated and generally pissed at the world and everything in it.

I've argued with friends, slammed doors, walked out of people's houses, shouted, swore and sulked in my pj's for the last few days.

I've done my ironing, cleaned out cupboards, been borderline obsessive with my use of bleach and moved my furniture round.

I've stamped my feet, threatened violence, lost count of the times I've felt like jumping into my bed and hibernating (stopped from doing so by the fact Geoff is in the room painting it!) and I haven't even looked at a book this week.

All most bizarre for me and I know I'm off colour because I did the ironing voluntarily and not through necessity!

However the mood seems to be going. I've spoken to my friends, sent flowers to the one I walked out on, I've put the bleach bottle down, stopped stamping my feet and shouting and I have no desire to pick up the iron at all!

I don't know what brought the mood on but I'm glad it's going...I have my reputation to consider. Shouting, violent threats, swearing, arguing, foot stamping, slamming doors...all of that is alright but being seen ironing voluntarily? I'd never live it down!

Jenny xx


Godess Of Bitch said...

Sounds like a super evil case of PMS....or like an episode of my life...LOL

Steven Douglas said...

PMS is a nasty infliction...serves you women right for biting that apple.

Geoff, I feel for you, bro... :-)