Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Currently Playing...

My music download block has now gone. I'm back in action with thanks to Lee and Steven for the inspiration!

So while I'm downloading I thought I'd let you know what's been playing in the while I've been sitting here tonight...some are oldies and some are new and some are just classics (well at least to me!)

Lisa Stansfield - All Woman & In All The Right Places (Lee if you don't have them - get them!)

Whitney Houston & Deborah Cox - Same Script, Different Cast (One for the girlies!)

Green Day - Holiday (and almost everything else...but this is my current fave!)

Bjork - Big Time Sensuality

The Stranglers - Golden Brown & All Day And All Of The Night

Clint Black & Martina McBride - Still Holding On

Martina McBride - In My Daughters Eyes (play that when I die!!)

Martina McBride & Bob Seger - Chances Are (You can tell I'm liking her a bit-thanks Lee!)

Catatonia - The Ballad Of Tom Jones (Utter class!!)

Meredith Brooks - Bitch

Linkin Park - In The End

Oasis - Lyla & The Importance Of Being Earnest (Manchester's finest back to their best!)

Heart - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You (singing into the hairbrush loudly!!) & These Dreams

The Kinks - You really Got Me/Lola/All Day And All Of The Night

Inxs - Mystify & Never Tear Us Apart

The Doors - Roadhouse Blues & The Crystal Ship (you just forget how good they are!)

Alice Cooper - Poison

Womack & Womack - Teardrops

Starsailor - Poor Misguided Fool

Robbie Williams - A Place To Crash/Better Man/Hot Fudge/Me & My Monkey/Angels (you americans don't know what you're missing...he's gorgeous and fabulous and you don't want him over there??? Honestly!)

Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro/Step On/Loose Fit

And that's about it from me...

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

Hey Jen....I got news for you. I think Robbie Williams is GAY!! I don't think he left Take That, I think he was asked to leave cos he would tarnish the "boy band" image... Anyway, he can't sing for peanuts either, and his ego is the only thing people buy his music for...

Actually, no, I don't like him... ;-)

jenny said...

OMG!! YHAL!! Take that back at once! Gay??? I think not young man! That's my future husband you're talking about!!Lol! And as for can't sing for peanuts...well obviously at your old age the hearing is becoming slightly impaired!

Anyway an £80 million record deal, the song voted best British song in the last 25 years, more Brit awards than anyone else ever, the fastest selling tour by a british artist ever, selling out 3 nights at Knebworth...a feat Oasis couldn't match and the fact that women (and gays!!) love him and men want to be him says the majority agree with me!!

I suggest you get yourself a copy of What we did last summer on dvd and watch the master at work!!

Long Live King Robbie!!

Ach..each to their own eh? lol!